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    Since people are having trouble with visor orders (shipped to wrong address, missing the second line in the address, never came, etc) let's start a thread for fubar-ed orders.

    Include in the list:

    * When you ordered
    * How you ordered (Web, fone?)
    * What went wrong
    * Whether situation is rectified.

    And, every so often we can even mail a copy of all the posts to the big guys at Handspring! How does that sound?

    -=- SiKnight
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    I'm game. :-)
    Ordered GVD + Serial on 10/06 on Web
    GVD allegedly shipped 11/19;
    Serial cradle arrived 30/11 (next-day FedEx) to my work address, but with no company name (big building, several companies : I'm not sure how it found me).
    Email to Donna, pleasantly handed off to customer relations. Apparently, FedEx returned the Visor as 'undeliverable'; I'm assuming because of the no company address. And yes, it was on my original order. I'm still waiting, but am hopeful for next week.
    BTW, even though I'm now really overdue, I'm much happier to be talking to *real people* at Handspring about this. At least they sound like they know what they're doing. Unlike certain contractors we might mention.

    Of course, if despite all this I don't get one by the end of next week, I'll probably cancel out of spite. My CC got hit on 19/11, and I'll be damned if I'm paying for a product I've yet to receive.
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    Good idea. I ordered online on 10/28, it got shipped either 11/22 or 11/23 without the second address line, so FedEx returned it to Handspring. Two different CSRs told me that I would need to place a new order, so, exasperated, I e-mailed Donna Dubinsky, who apologized and forwarded the matter to be corrected.

    We'll see about that.
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    What do you hope to accomplish with this thread? What will giant e-mails do?
    Who will send such a message and what kind of response do you think you'll get concerning different, not to mention anonymous consumers, with varying issues?

    Why not just call in and let them know what's happened? Same difference, plus you'll get a quicker response. It's the so-called "contractors" (if that's the case) that _are_ the ones doing the work for you, or end up doing it anyway. You do know that, right?

    I think by now that Handspring is very well aware of their existing problems. They're open 24 hours to hear about them.

    The company will make arrangements to re-route your package if it has been sent back by Fedex.

    To the previous poster. Hey.. If you placed an order and it was at least sent in your general direction @ 3 weeks time, I wouldn't complain.

    I think this place should pick a theme song for members:

    A good fit would be Louis Armstrong's "I guess I'll get the papers and go home."

    Just picture yourself singing to a visor or another member. I'll post a link to the lyrics . I don't expect to find MP3, so for your listening pleasure it's best that you pick up his album, "What a Wonderful World".
    2 's up!

    You may like Track 7, "Hello Brother"
    A handspring employee might like Track 3, "The Home Fire" (I wouldn't blame them one bit.)

    It really puts things in perspective, and if you listen real close, you might consider true trials and tribulations through which others go.
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    What the heck are you saying?

    Sure it was sent to me, but it wasn't address properly, and I remain without my order.
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    I started this thread to track fubar-ed orders. Emails to the head honcho at Handspring would be cool, but more importantly, I hope to see emerging patterns.

    If everybody that, say, ordered between 10/20 and 10/29 had problems because their second line in their shipping address had been left out, wouldn't you be concerned if you ordered on the 29th and happen to have a 2-lined address code (as in my case, I live in the dorms, I doubt that they can deliver a package to XXX Terry Hall in Seattle and I need my visor for development work). So, with that in mind, I started this thread to track patterns of fubared orders - so people can tell whether their order is potentially in a troubled lot and call Handspring (either individually, or as a group) to rectify the situation.

    'Sides, it's a constructive way to vent 8-)

    -=- SiKnight
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    Ordered: Blue VDx/Ice serial cradle
    When: 10/13
    Where: Richmond, VA
    By: Phone
    Received: 11/4 one black serial cradle

    Apparently MY order was shipped to someone in Sacramento, CA who hadn't even ordered a visor.

    I was notified of this (after unsuccessfully trying the CSRs and having to e-mail Donna twice threatening to cancel my order to get any response) on 11/29.

    Still haven't received my visor...

    At least they told me to consider the black cradle complementary (they have no idea how/why I got it).

    12/7 Update:

    Received an e-mail yesterday afternoon from Susan Yost saying that my Visor shipped on Friday. Provided a tracking number and everything. It was waiting for me when I got home. So far I like it.

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    Oh I get it. Good thinking.

    I think it'd be more constructive to start a thread like:

    "Contact Hanspring if your package is being shipped to the office or APT/Unit #"

    It's probably best by phone. Basically e-mail to Handspring is useless atm, because of the volume they've received. Perhaps more than one would see in a lifetime. They may get back to you but it might be your grandchildren responding. In the meantime I wouldn't expect a prompt e-mail response.

    To Baron:

    Basically what I'm saying is that you ordered a product with an estimated arrival of up to 6 weeks. They shipped it to your location (unfortunately not exact) in about 3 weeks. You'll have your order well within the estimated time range. Hardly anything to complain about, consdering the "Elm Street" stories of the past.
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    I did just as you suggest. I called Handspring to confirm my order information. The polite person I spoke with said she had no way to confirm my shipping and billing information. She could confirm that my order had not shipped.

    She did say that if the address printed correctly on my e-mail confirmation there should be no problem.
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    Ordered 11/6 by phone.
    The person taking my order spoke very broken english. Had to go over order information 3 times before he was able to read it back correctly. The web site was not functioning at this time, otherwise I would have hung up and ordered via the web site.

    Called back on 12/2 to verify that they had correct shipping info. They could not find my order. Had to reorder. The rep said she would put a note on my order that the original did not go through. I'm hoping this will help, but I'm not optimistic at this point. Grrr!
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    I cancelled 3 times, 3 weeks ago,

    - Once through the web contact form
    - Once through a separate email
    - Once on the phone, the rep assured me
    the order was cancelled

    The visor arrived today.

    FedEx found me even though Handspring *shipped it without an address*, just
    my name and the city and zip code.

    Idiocy continues...
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    Ordered blue Visor Deluxe for Dad on 11/08, bill to my credit card, ship to my dad's address.

    received my DAD's Visor today at MY address.

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    Blue Visor Deluxe

    Ordered 10/29/1999 on the web

    Email to Donna - "Will look into it".

    Turns out that they had my name spelled wrong. I did confirm ALL the information twice; once during submission, once during confirmation, and I might have been dropped on myhead before but I don't mis-spell my name. That could be what's holding things up.

    Couldn't look up my shipping address. (LOUSY DATABASE!).

    Tech says that the order would probably ship this week, or I'd get an email from the company. He also said that he's surprised that I havn't gotten it yet, since they are shipping on pretty much a 4-5 week schedule now. Let's see how it goes.

    -=- SiKnight
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    My Visor Dlx was shipped on the 18th, and I was charged. Unfortunately, FedEx decided the address was too wrong and sent it back. They managed to deliver my serial cradle on the 29th, though, and I doubt the address on the Visor box was different from the one on the cradle box. (My apartment number was truncated in Handspring's database, as I learned when I spoke to them this morning.) The guy delivering the cradle was bright enough to ask at the apartment office and get the correct number. (The truncated one doesn't exist.) I talked to Handspring once this morning and managed to get the FedEx tracking number, but FedEx already returned it. Just got off the phone with Handspring again; should have it within a week, if they manage to get the address right this time.
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    Handspring truncates the last address line.

    Web order:

    Joe Blow
    Suite #3
    1 Main Street <-- NOT sent to Fed Ex !!
    Wash. DC 20007

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    Make sure that they've spelled your NAME right. My name was misspelled and the credit card authorization didn't go thru, and they never contacted me.

    I emailed Donna, Donna forwarded my email to a lady called Barbara, and we walked thru the confirmation information again yetsreday, so I'll let you guys know when my visor will get here.

    -=- SiKnight
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    My own tale of Customer Service woe, to add to the stack:

    September 14 - placed order for graphite visor delux w. serial cradle & backup springboard module. All info verified and correct.

    October 22 - Recieved the visor delux & serial cradle. With a cracked screen.

    October 25 - Contacted Tech support, who issued an RMA and instructed me to return everything. Said a new unit would be shipped out within 3 weeks.

    November 8 - Backup springboard module arrived.

    November 18 - Called Customer Service to inquire as to the whereabouts of my replacement. C/S Apologized, saif I should have had it by now. Shipment of my replacement was expidited.

    November 24 - My replacement visor arrived. Unfortunately, they sent a Visor instead of a Visor Delux.

    Novermber 24 - Called C/S and they instructed me to send the visor itself back on the same RMA, but to keep the cradle and software. A new unit would be Cross-shipped & I would be credited my shipping expenses.

    November 29 - Serial Cradle arrived.

    December 6 - Called Handspring C/S to inquire as to the whereabouts of my visor. The C/S rep could find NO RECORD of me being a customer. Created a new customer account and said a new visor delux would be sent out and should arrive in 4 days.

    December 9 - it's the afternoon of the 4th day (I called in the morning of the 6th) And I've been on hold now for 2 hours. No visor. And now no one is answering the phone.

    I'm extremely frustrated by this experience. And the added insult of having TWO cradles and a backup module isn't making me any happier. Obviously my CC and address info were 100% correct, so and inordinate level of incompetance on the C/S end of things is what I suspect to be the culprit.

    Regardless, I just want my Visor so I can get on with my life.

    </end of rant>


    Addendum : I just got off the telephone with my creditcard company. Handspring charged me for TWO visors. The original order, and the incorrect replacement. According to the CC company, I have not been credited for either, nor have I been credited for the shipping fees. Cute.


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    I was contacted by Handspring corporate on Friday after my letter made it's way around the office. My case was transferred to corp. customer service and I received an email this morning telling me that the creditcard stuff had been corrected and a new visor deluxe is on it's way.

    so, we shall see.
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    This just keeps getting funnier. In a sad, sad way. Today, fedex attempted to deliver a visor to my billing address, so naturally I had to go pick it up after work at the fedex depot. I open the crate to find the correct visor packaging, with the wrong color visor inside. Graphite labeled box with a really ugly blue and white Imac looking visor inside.

    I really really want to know what I have to do to get what I ordered from this company. I'm ready to tell 'em to shove it and buy myself a nice new palm pilot.
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    * When you ordered: 10/21
    * How you ordered (Web, fone?): Phone
    * What went wrong: All ordering information was correct, except for wrong first letter of my last name. This is kind of strange, as I called twice to confirm my order.

    * Whether situation is rectified.:
    After 7 weeks, emailed CEO. Got a response same day. 4 days later received email from Customer Service that there was a problem. That was yesterday, so I hope to see my Visor very, very soon.

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