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    Happy to report that FINALLY, on friday night, I took delivery of the graphite visor deluxe I ordered back in september. As an added bonus this one is in mint condition and it works.

    I'm far from being a happy customer, every thing that could possibly go wrong with this order did go wrong, and handspring has a LOT of issues to work out, both with staffing and with the software they use to handle customers accounts. hopefully no one else will have as much trouble as I did.

    Big thanks to those who wrote and clued me into contact names, addresses and phone numbers.

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    Ordered on October 4th thro phone.
    Guess what,
    Handspring had my last name wrong.
    Credit Card Information wrong.
    E-mail Address wrong.
    So no product shipped.

    I received call from cop orate HQ saying that my order had problem and took my correct information on Nov 23rd, saying it would ship within two weeks.

    Well spoke to CSR 8 times after that each time giving correct information. The fact is I can give the wrong credit card information and e-mail address.

    This makes me thing, does Handspring knows how use a computer with database and do Customer service?

    Lucky for the Guys whom Donna has GUARANTEED to expedite the order. Does Handspring GUARANTEE any order?

    Conclusion, even if Donna wants to expedite
    my order its NOT GOING TO MOVE, unless I go in person to warehouse with a fake id for my wrong last name and a matching fake credit to pick up the order.

    The worst of all they are not willing to cancel my order.

    I have a very big question can Handspring survive with this kind of service?

    With all this I am waiting for my new PalmV on the assurance that Handspring will not ship my order with those information.
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