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    I wrote to Donna and received an email back almost immediately !
    Here is what she says: "Our plans are to ship the orders dated Nov 4 - Nov 12 today, tomorrow and Wednesday."

    Hope she is right !!
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    What about 11/13 - 11/14 orders placed online? Anyone else order then and recieve already?
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    *Just* got my 11/09/99 BVD order today (12/13/99)

    FYI I have called every day and even today they told me my order had not reached shipping. I went to the gym and went home and it was on my porch. Either they have some fantastically fast shipping (it was fedexed) or the customer service database isn't worth S

    Ordered 11/09/99...
    Recieved 12/12/99...

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    Ordered 11/01/99
    Still waiting...
    Emailed several times, never had any reply.
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    Wow, I ordered on 11/11 so I guess there is hope.

    Although I wonder why she didn't tell me that on Thursday. She indicated that she would have someone contact me about my credit card changes because there was an issue about meeting the 6 week shipping timeframe which would be 12/23 for me.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed, that could be why I haven't heard from anyone yet.
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    I ordered 12/12 and got it today.
    For details, see:
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    Jeeze, I ordered mine the day before you PDAENVY and I only have my credit card charged and no Visor yet.

    Here's hoping it is at the house tonight!
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    I ordered 11/13 this is be good news
  9. wrp
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    Ordered 11/07/1999 and received 12/14/1999.
    Looking good for those of you hoping for pre-Christmas deliveries!
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    Ordered GVD 11-14-99 online - CC authorized today!
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    Well my 11/11 order still hasn't arrived. CC is definitely authorized.

    I emailed Dubinsky yesterday to inform her the cc issue has been resolved. Her reply to me was:

    "... let's hope the Visor makes it there safely ..."

    If 11/12 web orders are being shipped before mine, then I'm not very confident right now. I'll keep my fingers crossed until 12/23.
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    I hope I'm not getting too content too soon. But, I ordered a BVD on 11-18. credit card authorized today. I live in San Jose, so it can't be long. Can it?

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    Oh, and Dubinsky is out of the office until 12/17.

    I'm all the way over on the East Coast so I'm not sure where these items ship from, but it may take longer if it is coming all the way from the West Coast.
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    Ordered 11/13 received today, see visor received log.
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    Ok, now I'm getting a little concerned. I'm in MA and there is no FedEx package at my house - just got back from lunch and had gone home to see if anything was on the porch.

    Perhaps it will arrive later, they usually stop by around 11:00.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed until 12/23 before I get really annoyed.

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    Well Shadow, I am pretty concerned too.
    GVD ordered Nov.6th and I am still waiting. FedEx came today but not for me !
    My CC hasn't even been authorized !!
    I noticed that some , who ordered after the 13th, have already received theirs; good for them !
    I can't wait anymore but when I think about the "poor" guys who ordered sometime back in Sept. and are still waiting....I feel already better.
    Hope there's a Santa in NY too
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    YAY! I ordered on 11/13, so it looks like I am getting really close. No sign of it on my credit card yet, but it usually takes a few days for charges to appear when I check the web.
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    Ludo was right

    Ordered 11/12 via Web
    Delivered 12/14 (FedEx Delivery)
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    Yeah man !!
    Glad for you !
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    I must have gotten lucky...
    I ordered my Orange VDx on 11-5 via the web and recieved it on December 1st.

    Do you folks think that shortages of some colors might be holding up shipping on some orders? Orange is definately not the most popular color, maybe that's why mine came 'early'...

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