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    Mr. G said:
    Do you folks think that shortages of some colors might be holding up shipping on some orders? Orange is definately not the most popular color, maybe that's why mine came 'early'...
    I dunno. I ordered green (which is even more unpopular than orange) on October 6th and I still don't have mine.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I ordered mine 11/1, and I haven't heard anything yet, and the last time I checked my CC, it hasn't been charged...

    Not Happy,
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    My Visor and serial cradle arrived last night. The package slip read that it shiped on 12/13 and was to be overnight to be delivered by 12/14. Fed Ex brought it last night.

    So there is hope that they are getting caught up on some orders. Unfortunately they are expecting customers to call them to correct some errors in the data entry. Some CSRs have called customers, but you keep reading that folks are still waiting.

    I'm very happy with the Visor and feel it was worth the wait. However, I think I would still be very angry if I ordered in September and still haven't received it.
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    Same here.
    Yesterday (late) night, I call the 800# and spoke to a CR after 30 minutes.
    He checked my info and everything was ok, except for my CC (he didn't have access to this kind of information ??!!). He mentioned that my GVD will be shipped between mid and the end of December.
    I believe he had no clue what he was talking about...
    Tomorrow I will send an email to Donna again; she is the only who does things right there !

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    Ordered 11/14/99 online.
    Recieved 12/16/99 FedEx (which is all HS is using now).
    CC authorized 12/14/99.
    Very delighted.
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    Ordered online 11/15/99 and received it on 12/16/99. I live in Arizona so the shipping may be quicker than the those of you on the East coast.
    Good luck to the rest of you and your wait. Now it's time to have some fun with it.

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    Ordered on 11/5, CC charged on 12/1...

    Still waiting!

    I had it shipped to work, and I'm just betting that since the NAME of the business wasn't in the shipping address (who do I thank for that?) that it was probably sent back.

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    If its any consolation to the above poster, I ordered 2 days after you (so I'm in your order-range) and I *did* include the extra line for business name and it still arrived fine two days ago... I don't know if it was sent back in the meantime, but I was surprised that I didn't have any trouble. The last portion of the same order just arrived today, so there's a good chance that it'll turn up soon.

    Good luck!
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    Well, if you have ordered your visor between Nov.4 and Nov12 and haven't received it yet, I would call and send email right now !

    Here is what I received from Donna today at 5PM: " .. sorry about this delay ... I'll ask customer relations to investigate .... all the orders of that date have shipped, so yours must have experienced some problem that will need to be investigated.


    Not good
    Good luck everybody.
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    Still waiting....

    Finally got a tracking number from CS last week. Indeed, my Visor had been shipped, and because there was no business name on the package, returned. At least I know where it is.

    Even though I know where my package is, CS is still essentially useless. I've been told that there's not really much they can do about it from there. Big surprise, that.

    In ever more frenzied language, I've been trading e-mails with Ms. Dubinsky. Although this has yet to get my order here, I hold out hope. With two days left until my wife and I exchange gifts, that hope is becoming more and more of a dull glimmer.

    This will be the LAST time I order something that I can't run to the store and pick up should it get screwed up.
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    I placed my order on 11/09/99 and received them (I ordered 2 Deluxe w/serial) on 12/20/99 in the Los Angeles area. I too tried to have it shipped to my office but because the company name "disappeared" off the shipping label, FedEx did not deliver it. Fortunately I had the tracking number from CS and was tracking the package almost hourly on FedEx's website. The minute I saw that they could not deliver because of the address, I called FedEx and instructed them to hold the package at their sorting facility once the carrier returned. So I had to make a trip to FedEx to pick it up! Argh! But I guess I can't complain that much since I had requested standard shipping. But it is irritating that CS reassured me on numerous occasions that if the company name was in my email confirmation (which it was) then it would be on the shipping label. Ha!
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