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    Great news for those waiting on orders. It appears Handspring is beginning to get a handle on production. I ordered my blue Visor Deluxe via the website on Nov 29 and it arrived today via FedEx. Exactly three weeks.

    Unfortunately I've been at work all day and the Visor is at home...
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    Yep - I ordered on November 28th and got mine today as well. Everything with the order went perfectly (no screwed up CC info, address, etc). I feel bad for those who ordered months before I did and still wait...
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    This is great news to me. I ordered my Graphite Vior Deluse on November 30 using standard shipping. This means that I might receive my Visor soon. I can't wait. I haven't ever really sent mail, is FedEx faster than standard?
    Thanks a bunch

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    Same here...

    Ordered it 11-26-99, got it via FedEx 12-20-99. Good stuff.

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    HandspringKid: Yeah. Fedex == overnight (and when they say overnight, they MEAN overnight). Apparently for the time being Handspring is sending everything FedEx which is good (especially for those of use who didn't pay for it :] )
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    I also got my visor today, ordered it 3 weeks ago sunday. It is great to see handspring getting things in control and I have nothing but good feelings about my new PDA.

    I hope all new buyers and people considering to get this great handheld read this thread and know the worst is over and its going to go nowhere but up from here!
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    That's great! I ordered my Blue Visor Deluxe on Nov 30 and hope that I can receive it in before Xmas. I can't wait!!
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    To benasdf,

    I would think that when FEDEX says overnight they mean overnight also, but my Visor was shipped last Thursday (12/16) for delivery on Friday (12/17) and did not arrive until yesterday (12/20). Must be the XMAS rush.

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