MobilityWare announces availability of TapSmart(TM) KeyLink(TM) 2.0 software for Palm Powered(TM) handhelds.

IRVINE, CA. November 1, 2004. For immediate release. MobilityWare announced today the release of TapSmart(TM) KeyLink(TM) version 2.0, software that connects your PC keyboard to your Palm Handheld for fast and easy typing of data directly into Palm applications. Popular Palm based handhelds supported include the PalmOne Tungsten, Zire, Treo 600, and SONY CLIE(TM) handhelds.

KeyLink provides extensive keystroke mapping for a faster and more flexible solution than an external keyboard or the handheld’s thumb board. It supports a network connection to the handheld over Wireless, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. A viewing window displays the Palm's screen on the PC, making typing even easier and more natural. The spell check feature makes it easy to fix errors, even in applications without native support for spell checking. And since the dictionary is extensible, it’s easy to add new words.

One user comments: “This is the most ingenious, amazing program for the palm that I've yet to encounter!! I saved spending $99 for a keyboard for my Tungsten T3 and what's even better is my PC keyboard is so much nicer to type on than any portable palm keyboard made.” Another remarks: “Freakin' amazing! I would never have believed it if I had not tried it! This is a must have for entering information on your palm …”

Current users can upgrade to Keylink 2.0 free of charge. KeyLink was first released in June of this year and quickly became a popular alternative to external keyboards for the Palm.

KeyLink is available for evaluation and purchase on the web at MobilityWare, PalmGear, and Handango, and their affiliated sites.



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