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    Hi there,

    I ordered three Visors on 11/15. My uncle in Florida sent them to me yesterday. It will be another week or so before I finally get them. I guess Im one of the first in Germany to own a Visor. How about other countries in Europe? Did you have to pay taxes?

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    No, Goyena is the first for Germany. Check the log. But congrats anyway, you're lucky just to have one.
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    Since Dec 17th I have a Visor as well, here in Leiden -- which is close to Amsterdam.
    Am I the first one here in Holland?

    And do we start a "European User Group" <g>?

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    Howdy! About two weeks ago, I got the visor for my wife (will be getting for Xmas in France in a week!) from my mother who sent it by Priority Mail. My colleague here also ordered one through a friend, who sent it by super slow snail-mail, and he bugs me daily wanting to know where it is.

    All I can say is that I hope der Zollamt didn't get a hold of it. No taxes paid, of course, for mine. My mother didn't insure it, and scribbled "CHRISTMAS GIFT" and "MERRY CHRISTMAS" all over the box to avoid customs. She also declared it in big block letters on the customs sticker "ORGANIZER". Since it was supposed to be a surprise for my wife...guess who got the package from the mailman? Yep.

    A little misdirection never hurt, I guess. She doesn't know what a Palm or Visor is, I believe, and I'm sure she thinks she's getting an electronic organizer for Xmas. (one of those pocket calculator looking things). =)

    Anyway, back to the question of taxes: my friend send the second one over insured for the full value. I'll let you know what happens if it comes...17 days and counting...

    BTW, I'm work in Frankfurt and live in Maintal, you?

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