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    I received my Visor with the Display flickering in October and returned it immediately.

    Until Dec 4th nothing happend, so I started calling daily. Eventually, HS sent me a single Visor without anything (as I've been told to return the whole box) - I complained about that and they sent me another Visor (Yeah!) without anything (of course they billed my credit card again!)

    As I'm leaving the country for Europe this evening, I had the idea to drive down to Mountain View (living in Berkeley, that's not that far). Although the secretary did a good job of 'gate-keeping' including the statement "We don't have any products here" I talked eventually with the Senior Product Designer. Within five minutes I had the missing cradles, the CD, the case and returned the second Visor!

    Being German I finally completed my American experience with the knowledge about customer care...'Until you kick their ***, they won't do anyting for you...'

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    Good for you Jochen. I'm in San Francisco and I've considered doing the same. If they don't replace my defective unit next week, I might still.

    I definitely plan to let them know how unhappy I am at Macworld next month.
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    I like your moxy. I think that was a great idea for you to step into Handsprings office and get your problems resolved.
    Good for you, I hope you enjoy your Visor when your back home.

    PS. Let us know what you think of your visor when you get to Germany. Good luck.

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