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    I was having problems recieving my serial cradel so I decided to e-mail Donna Dubinsky... The following is the e-mails that were exchanged:


    From: Mitchel
    Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 3:15 PM
    To: Donna Dubinsky
    Subject: I don't mean to complain but.....

    I don't mean to complain but I read on-line that you are the only one at
    Handspring who responds to e-mails. I would have talked to one of your
    fellow customer support reps. but I never seem to be able to make any
    progress with them other than "I'll personally check on it for you". After
    5 or 6 long distance calls from Hawaii, each 30-45 minutes, trying to find
    out when you are going to ship my serial cradle has cost me nearly $100. I
    ordered a serial cradle with my Visor Deluxe because all of my PC's either
    don't have a usb port or are running Windows NT. Anyways... my order number
    991029-####(online) was partially completed on 11-26. I am still waiting on
    the Tiger Woods game and the serial cradle which a newsletter from one of
    your senior officers said would ship within the 4-6 week timeframe. We are
    approaching 7 weeks in a couple of days. could you please check on this for
    me or pass it on to a fellow customer service reps.
    One other thing.... When purchasing filling out the "Ship To" address I
    entered a buisness name but it was not on the first package when it shipped
    so my package took 11 days when it normally takes 3-4 days to recieve. If
    you could please make sure the entire "Ship To" address is printed on the
    label I would appreciate it. Perhaps you can inform your superrior or an IT
    person about this problem.
    By The Way I love the Visor so far... I can write real fast because that's
    all I can do until I can perform a hot-sync with the serial cradle....



    From: Donna Dubinsky
    Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 1:51 PM
    To: 'Mitchel Wilkerson'
    Subject: RE: I don't mean to complain but.....

    Mitchel ...

    We had some problems with truncated data on a batch of orders last week ...
    seems an address line was left off. This would explain your company name
    being left off the package you did receive, as well as the late delivery of
    the serial cradle. Please give it a few more days. If you don't have the
    serial cradle by Friday, let me know, and I'll send one to you.

    Tiger Woods hasn't shipped yet ... we hope to be releasing it shortly.

    I apologize for the delay ...



    From: Mitchel
    Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 3:02 PM
    To: Donna Dubinsky
    Subject: RE: I don't mean to complain but.....

    After another 30 minutes on hold today I talked to Kai in your customer
    service dept today and he informed me that my serial cradel has not yet even
    shipped. He followed me to the shipping details on the internet
    ( and I showed him the
    following quote:

    All Handspring Accessories (including Serial Cradles) are shipping within
    our 4-6 week timeframe. The only exceptions will be orders that have been
    delayed due to processing issues such as invalid credit cards or shipping
    information. "

    He informed me that the previous quote does not apply towards backordered
    items. If you haven't shipped it yet there is no way I'm going to be
    recieving it by Friday. I am finding it very hard to recommend the Visor to
    my friends and co-workers, as I do not wish to put them through similar
    frustrations. Thank you for any help you can provide. I know you are
    probably swamped with people who are in worse situations than me.

    I would like to apologize if I offended you in my earlier e-mail. I did not
    reealize that you are the CEO of Handspring. I read on the net that you
    were responding to e-mails so I though that you were a customer service
    representative. I feel honored that someone in your position would take
    time to respond to a complaint by a lowly consumer like myself.

    Thank you again for your time,


    From: Donna Dubinsky
    Sent: Monday, December 14, 1999 5:32 PM
    To: 'Mitchel Wilkerson'
    Subject: RE: I don't mean to complain but.....

    Mitchel ... consumers are not lowly, and we're not doing a very good job
    today of serving them. We're working hard to fix these systems. In the
    meantime, I'd like to ask my assistant Jennifer to send you a serial cradle
    at no charge. When you get the other one, you'll have a spare.



    That was my last e-mail from her... I did get an e-mail from Jennifer today saying that she put the cradel in the mail.... Now that's what I call customer service!

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    You probably should remove the email address. I'm glad you got your stuff (I haven't after 7.5 weeks) but I don't think it's kosher to publish her email address.
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    I left it on because I though others who were having problems recieving their stuff might want to try e-mailing her too...
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    7.5 weeks now for me. I'm not going to use the address, at least for now. But if I get near 10 weeks, I might change my tune.

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    Donna musta got a laugh out of the "fellow customer service reps" and "inform your superior" comments.

    It's really sad though, when the only way to get results is to email the CEO. Especially since HS have now removed the email addresses from their website.

    I have a funny feeling there is a large staff reading and replying to Donna's mail, especially when the replys come within a couple of hours of sending her the message.
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    I got the serial cradel from Mrs. Dubinsky's assistant today. It's a Black Cradel and it looks pretty cool with my blue Visor sitting on top of it. This makes waiting for the shippment of my ice cradel a lot easier.
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    Eug, use the address.

    Anyone else who is reading be cautioned. If your order takes more than six weeks, there's something wrong. Handspring has shown a patern in case after case. When something goes wrong, the only way to get resolution is to send a message to D. Dubinsky herself.

    And if you haven't ordered, save yourself a huge headache. Buy a Palm brand.
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    I agree with you markedwards !
    See the email I got from Donna about the 11/1-11/12 orders in my post in Early Nov. orders.
    Enough is enough !!

    if you want your case to be taken care of, write to Donna !
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    Every time the address has been posted, it's been immed. erased. (I have it, but I'll wait until the 9 or 10 week mark before I use it.)
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    I am closing this topic because people are just asking for Handspring employees' addresses (which cannot be posted).

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