My two Visor Deluxes were ordered on Oct 8th. And like many, my order has not been delivered yet. I've made several attempts to email and phone them, but the efforts were without success. However, in my last effort, I was directed to call a number where supposedly, they had a database of all the earlier orders that had billing errors, missing information, incorrect addresses, etc... So I finally called that number, and to my suprise, the CSR found my order and inputted the missing billing information (prior to calling this number, I did not receive any emails or phone calls from Handspring as they had posted they would do on their site, to rectify the "messed up" earlier orders. He then informed me that he would bring this to the attention of his supervisor immediately and in addition told me that he would not be able to predict when my order would ship out or even be processed, but gave me an estimate of between 1-2 more weeks. Can anyone shed any light on this? Or if you've at least shared a similar experience of calling this other number, to let me know if I'll actually be receiving my order soon or if I'll still be sitting around for another 2-3 months until I receive my Visors?
Any and all information would greatly be appreciated.