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    I rec'd my VDX yesterday. As far as I know, my cc has not been charged yet. Has this happened to a lot of people? I had thought that the cc would be charged before the visor was shipped. Does this mean that I won't be charged at all or has there been a delay in charging ccs?
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    If you called your cc company's automated line it probably wont reflect an authorization until it turns into a charge. This takes about 3 days.
    The best thing too do is call and talk to a live cc rep and see if there is an authorization on your account for the amount of your visor order. I bet it is there.
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    I know of some who have been shipped multiple visors and haven't been charged for one of them or so.. You may get lucky, who knows. Report your credit card as stolen. Heck, handspring won't figure it out at least until june or so

    j/k.. they have enough problems as it is.

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