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    I'd like to make a log of people who regret that they cancelled their Visor order. Possible entries include:

    1> How many days past six weeks did you cancel?
    2> What Springboards do you now wish you could plug into your Palm III/V?
    3> How much more money did you have to pay for the Palm?
    4> What will you do when your Palm V battery runs out and the cradle is at work?
    5> How many megs less than 8 does your Palm have?
    6> What was your favorite color organizer, before you settled for grey?
    7> How many times before the 6 week period was up did you call the 800 number?
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    Bought a Palm Vx while waiting on my Visor Delux. When my visor arrived I still have some time left on my 30 days with the Palm Vx so I did a weeks worth of comparisons.

    Cost: My Palm Vx bought over the internet was 150 more than the Visor

    Case: No contest the Vx is much better made and a much more solid unit. The Visor started showing cracks and wear at the Springboard location before I shipped it back.

    Size: The Palm Vx is very handy in size and weight. For my use it is much easier to carry than the Visor.

    Battery: Liked the AAA batteries in the Visor better but I have not had a problem keeping a charge on the Vx.

    Screen: No comparison: The Vx is a much clearer screen when compared side by side and much firmer. The stylus for the Vx is much more solid.

    Cover: The flip cover on the Vx is eaiser to handle than the Visor cover and I've been much more satisfied with it.

    Springboards: I do miss the springboard concept (even if it is only vaporware at the time being)

    REGETS for sending back the Visor: Not many: The extra 150 seems to be a good investment, and for what I wanted a PDA for I don't think I will miss the springboards as far as function -- but I will miss playing with them -- especially the GPS.

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