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    Ordered on the web, no problems. Following day I ordered a serial cradle the same way. Cradle showed up last week. Still no Gvdx as of today!

    Called CS this morning (not the 716 # but the 888 # for CC problems). "Osmond" couldn't help down. I called back 2 more times today, same excuse from different people. Ah, to be Handspring!

    The Gvdx is shipping to the same address as the creadle did, so I know they've got the correct address information. Today is 6 weeks and 1 day. I've been patient even as I see posts of others oredering well after me and already have received their units (same type I ordered). About to hit butthead mode and become customer from he**!! >
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    ...I'm even in a worse boat than you. I ordered 11/1, and I haven't heard anything yet. I am on hold with Customer Service, and I'm sure that they will tell me nothing I don't know...I'm glad I'm not that CSR!

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    I ordered mine 11/4 and noticed a gap in the "Visor received Log" for orders dated from 11/1 to 11/11.
    Are we a part of a new wave of lost, misprinted (or what ever else) orders(like in Sept.) ?

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    Could be.

    I got a FedEx tracking number from a CSR today (that in and of itself should have been a bad sign). My package shipped out on 12/1 and was sent back to Handspring on 12/3 because of an insufficient address. I ordered on 11/5.

    If you haven't already checked to see if your card's been charged, I suggest you do so immediately. That was when I first started getting that sinking feeling...
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    I can't believe what I just read !
    Visor Deluxe (hopefully only Green) is on back order !!! If it's true, it's really BS !
    I am going to get a Palm for let's say....30 days.

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