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    I received a call on Friday from Handspring CS to verify my CC information. After discovering that I had a couple of numbers switched, I was assured that my Visor would be ready to ship within a week.

    Has anyone else received a call from Customer Service in the last week or so? How long after the call did you receive your Visor? Just curious, and anxious!

    G. Harper
    Owner: 1 Graphite Visor
    Future owner: 1 Ice VD.
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    I was anxious about the accuracy of my web order so I sent several messages to CS to verify the shipping address and CC info., which went unanswered. I wanted someone there to call me to verify the CC info. and tell me the order was still on schedule.
    Finally, I sent a message to Donna D. who responded the next day. She said that, if the information in my e-mail confirmation is correct, then it is correct in their system. This doesn't tell me if the CC info. is correct.
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    wgHarper, I too received a call on Friday from Handspring CS. I had two orders pending. I got the serial cradle yesterday (Monday), but I'm still waiting for the Visor proper. We will see if it is here by the end of the week.
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    i just receive an-e-mail from handspring ask me to call 1800 becuase there is some error with my credit card, BUT, i have already receive my visor, and i'm suppose to have one other waiting on the dock........

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