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    Hi !

    I ordered mine on oct 29th and I have notting yet!
    Called today and was told it ad not shiped yet but will on friday the latest ( friday is the 6 weeks deadline!).

    Icalled about two weeks a go to check on my order and found out there all sorts of errors in it.

    Mistakes in my name,in my address,my email address!!! WOW!
    I think handspring should change the company they use to take orders on the phone!

    Anyway It will be six weeks on friday so hopefully I will get the thing next week!

    Will I??

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    Dont bet on it coming within the deadline. I ordered on 10/22 and still waiting, going on week seven. I also called a couple of times to check the status of my order, and I too was reassured that I would get it "this week"..of course this was last week. The last thing that the reps told me that I would get it before christmas...more than 2 months after I originally placed my order. Anyway good luck with your order.
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    Hah! That's nothing. I ordered mine on the 13th of October. I called a CSR last week, and they said it had not shipped yet, but hopefully soon.

    I called today and they couldn't find the order in the database! Finally they gave me a different phone number to call that would connect me directly with customer service. They found it but with the same results: "your order has not shipped yet, but hopefully will soon"
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    I ordered my VDX on Oct 19th. I still do not have it. Two weeks ago I called and was told that it would arrive in about two weeks. I called this past Friday and a very nice lady found my order in the "Verification Data Base." She confirmed my information, yet again. She told me that I would have it within the next 5 days. I am not getting excited, however, this is the most positive thing that I have heard.

    I do not know if this means anything, but I was told that people who have waited a long time and call in will get expidited status. Having read a lot on this board, I doubt that that will do anything for me, but we will see. I will let you know if I get it by this coming Friday. That will be 7 days and 5 working days.

    I have almost given up several times, but now calling Handspring has become part of the richness of my life. I'd just hate to quit now!!!!
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    I a blue Vdx and an Ice serial cradle on October 6th. I received the cradle on October 26th but still have not received the Visor almost 10 weeks after ordering. I called November 19th and was told the order would be escalated and I would have it in 2-7 days. 11 days later I called and got a service rep that didn't have a clue and offered no solutions. On December 3rd I called again and the rep couldn't find my order so he wrote up one by hand and said he would take it to his supervisor and escalate the order. 10 days later and still no visor.


    The new issue of PC World mentions the problems and ends with "The company says it was back on schedule in mid-November"

    Whose schedule?????????
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    You are all out of your minds! What are you talking about? Handspring fixed all the problems way back in October and is back on track. At least that's what was told to investors and the press.

    Are there long hold times for you to get your incorrect info? have no reason to complain then. For every delayed Visor there in a multiple shipped happy customer. Did you think about that? Noooooo. As long as it's charged on a credit card it's not really money for them so it works out great for all parties involved!

    You'll feel better when you see several Visors charged to your card. That's a good sign. Be sure to thank the clerk who declines your CC while you're Christmas shopping.
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    I ordered online on 10-29
    The visor was shipped on 11-26
    Recieved it 12-7
    Note the 11 days between the shipping and recieving date... That's because they don't print the entire "Ship To" address so it kinda got lost for a while. So even if they ship it you sill might not get it... Oh yeah... My serial cradle was backordered so I expect to be able to buy one in the store before I recieve mine in the mail. Go Figure
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    i ordered (phone) 13th october...
    still no sign of my visors (yeah, 2 of them).... it's kinda tiring, this waiting.... especially when you've
    been told your order details are in order.
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    Congrats on being the 4000th poster in this area. For your prize you get to wait yet another 9 weeks for your order.
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    i ordered my blue vdx over the phone on 10/31
    that is fine because the six weeks ended on 12/12, no problem really there. the problem i have is that i have called numerous times because i amat college and am going home soon, but it is being shipped to my home at school, not my home home. so i call thema lot to make sure that everything is ok. always i get teh response that it is fine and will be shipped on the last day. ok fine again. i call tonight, and they tell me that there was a cc error. that's ok too, but they didn't even call to let me know, when i asked teh csr about this, he had no answer to why. now i don't mind really teh wait because i understand that they are just starting, and i knew aobut this when i ordered, but i think that if there is a problem they should at least contact me! then when we checked teh cc info, it was right! so now i don't know what is going on! but i was told that it would ship in the next 48 hours, and i would get it by the end of teh week. i will post the results of this

    ps i recommend that everyone call visor, i have never waited more than 20 mins, and mostly don't wait that long, call teh 24 hour 888 # at odd hours, like later at night (this is easy for me because i am an insomniac) but you shouldn't have a problem then, but if you keep contacting them, you can hopefully prevent some problems.

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