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    Thinking about making my first PDA purchase. Noticing all the problems on here makes me leery about the Visor. My guess is that about 20 people have made most of the negative posts. I know the pluses (Memory, etc., but now there is take about cracking, scratching...

    Can I assume that there are thousands of happy users that don't both posting the good reports? I am down to a visor or IIIx or just waiting till March.

    Feedback is much appreciated!!!
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    Let me try to help.

    The features of the Visor Deluxe outweigh the Palm IIIx. At least on paper. The VD has more RAM, an expansion slot, a USB cradle and a better screen. Through in the fact that it is cheaper and it is tough not to pass it up.

    You mentioned talk of scratching. The VD uses the same screen technology (or at least close enough for these purposes) as all the other Palm devices. All Palm (and CE devices for that matter) are prone to scratches. It is a big piece of glass that when most effective spends alot of time in your pocket, purse or briefcase so you can have it near you. I recommend one of the several thousand suggestions for a screen protector listed on this board. Personally I use WriteRights and am happy. Others think they are too expensive and reduce the visiility too much.

    Cracking. I read the posts on the cracking too. And I must admit I am a little worried about this. One poster did note that the crack had chipped away all of the affected area and did not effect the performance of the cover. This made me feel a little better. If this does become a problem, I think HS will address it.

    I have had my Visor Deluxe for about a month now and I am about as happy with it as I could be. I had a Palm III before that and a Pilot Pro before that. I have been using Palm Devices for over three years and I can't imagine how I got along without them.

    BTW -- No, the average life span is not 1 year on the devices. I just like to upgrade alot to have the latest and greatest. I belive my PPro is still in use with its current owner and my Palm III will make a great Christmas present for somone this year.

    Bottom Line: IMHO -- Visor Deluxe Hands down, the best choice!
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    Am I correct in assuming we are seeing the complainers here and that there are thousands of satisfied users?
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    I am one of those happy and satisfied users. There is alot of information on this board. Some is very technical and some is general. My Visor Deluxe is doing everything I expected it to do. I owned a Palm IIIx for a month when I found out Handspring was coming out with the Visors. I looked at the Visor's specification and returned the Palm within the 30 day window of opportunity at Office Depot. I had to waiit 8 weeks for it which is a whole other story but all in all I am happy with the Visor. No resets, no problems with the screen, no program incompatibilities. Just boring ol' use at work. If you can wait, buy a Visor. If you can't, go for the Palm. The longer you wait to make a decision, the longer you avoid "Buyer's Remorse".
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    I think the people that come here to talk about it are either looking for information, or are upset about something. The people that are happily using their Visors are not coming on here to announce it (at least for the most part). My brother has had his for over a month and has not had any problems at all. He also told me that he came on here a lot while he was waiting for his, but since he has had it he is busy with life and rarely comes on here. After carrying around a very heavy Franklin planner for the last 5 years or so....I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my blue visor deluxe (ordered 12-9). I know I will have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get it, but I can continue using my paper planner until it comes in. I believe it is worth the wait.

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