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    Why would anyone invest in a Palm III at this time?

    It's not the latest model from Palm. It doesn't quite match up to the Visor Deluxe
    (in versatility/expansion, memory.)

    Hang in there and eventually it will show up. I liken the purchase of a Palm III to that of the purchase (today) of a late 80's/early 90's model of car still in production.

    Have some tea or coffee... Smoke if you got 'em! Enjoy the Holidays. Chill out with family and friends (If you have any.)
    Take your mind off of the frustrations, buy something you can use (and return 100%) in the interim if it's that important to you, and hang on to it as long as you can, until the revolution comes.

    Take it from me... stress is debilitating (sic).

    mr. kia.

    **Note that there is no intended offense about the 'having friends' remark. I can count my friends on one hand.... no pun intended..

    heh heh
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    Palm IIIx is better than Palm V (except for looks). Palm IIIx is not better than Palm Vx but costs tons less. Palm VII doesn't offer any real benefit, unless you like very expensive pseudo-web access. The best bang for the buck right now is the IIIx (unless you can get a Visor Deluxe).
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    I concur with Eug. Will you really use 8 megs? If so, wait or get a Vx. For my money the IIIx is the best you can get today.

    I know, I know, the Springboard. Eug knows I have already discussed this. The cost of each module will make it worthless. If you need a $700 cell phone, buy a Qualcomm pdQ phone. If you need a $500 mp3 player, get 2 Rio 500s. Otherwise, order a Palm IIIx and have it by the weekend.
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    Why would anyone buy a Palm III these days? Well, the guy at work who bought my old Palm III got it for only $100, with an extra serial cable and a *bunch* of software. Heck, I even burned my d:\download\palm directory on to a CD-R and gave him that, too.

    Yes, I did tell him about the Visor, but he was trying to save some money. I think he figures that he'll get one of the next model Visors, eventually.
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    I have been thinking about getting a IIIx, as well. I was originally thinking that I would give my Visor order until December 15 (my six weeks is up on the 22nd) and order the IIIx to have in time for Christmas.
    It seems like bad timing. was selling the IIIx for $200 but now they are up to $230-something. It looks like the prices are going up because of the demand for Christmas.
    My strategy may seem short-sighted, but I will have about two weeks without brush fires and deadlines at work and will have some time to plan much of the next six months. Since I have never used a PDA before, it would be nice to get all that planning in the VDx so I can get right on it after Jan 1.
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    I was just about ready to purchase a Palm IIIx when I heard about the Visor. I thought the idea of Springboard was neat, but I didn't need it for the price. When I finally found Handspring's website, I found out that I didn't need it for the springboard, I needed it FOR the price. The Vx was out of my price range. Something for the cost of the IIIx was what I was looking for. I beat the IIIx price and STILL came out on top. I'll admit that I haven't received my Visor yet, but it's only been five weeks tomorrow and I told myself before I sent my order through that I could live with six weeks.

    Instant gratification these days really brings out the "best?" in people. If you must have something the very next day, then go get a 3Com device. Keep in mind that most of you would NOT have rushed right out to buy a new PDA had Handspring not come out with the Visor. I find the uproar hillarious because people have been 'insulted' by Handspring. Remove Handspring and the Visor, and even the shipping problems, from the equation and most of the people who rushed out to buy a 3Com device wouldn't even be thinking of it.

    Happy posting! And here's hoping that those of us fortunate souls who ordered in early Nov. receive them before the holidays.
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    That is true, you make a real good point.

    I wish you luck in having your visor by Christmass. I did get mine and I don't think you will be disapointed. It has plenty of memory, works fine, seems well built, and I cant wait for the future springboards to come out.

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