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    I too, was told I couldn't change an order, so I just ordered a new BVDx. I tried to fond out where to send the Visor I got in the first place, but of course coudn't get anyone on the phone to find out where to send it.

    When the 30 day guarantee was about up, I gave up trying to reach HS and just sent it back to the shipping address on the invoice, with a letter enclosed. I checked with USPS today, and they report the package was "refused at the point of delivery." I assume it's on it's way back to me now.

    Anyone know an address where I can send the damn thing back to? In the mean time I'm having my credit card refuse payment for it.

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    You may want to call the *shudder* CSR back and inform them you followed instructions and the package was refused.
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    You can use my home address. Let me know if you want it!

    Too err is human, to moo bovine.
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    You should ebay it. Let somebody give it as a gift for the Holidays.
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    Unfortunately, I was so anxious after waiting six weeks that I used the Visor for two weeks before the VDx came. So it has a few minor two-week wear and tear scratches on it.

    Anyone know if it's sale-able (it's in the original, but opoened, box) if it comes back?

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    I would still ebay it. You should still make a profit on it...
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    I have the address at the office. I believe is is someplace in Louisville, KY. I will check on Monday (Dec 13). If no one has posted an address, then I will. Also, you may want to call on Sunday morning to Customer Service. I was told they are opne 7 days a week.
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    You need to get an RMA # before returning products, but once you've done so, this is the address for all Handspring returns:

    Handspring Return Center
    11201 Electron Drive
    Louisville, KY 40229

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