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    Argh, just as the recieved log was beginning to pick up speed.... We are back to one or two entries per day, and some of them are old deliveries.

    Anyone hear of big shipments coming in?

    (awaiting an 11/09/1999 order)

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    I started monitoring the received log when I hit 4 weeks (ordered 11/10). I was interested especially in orders placed 11/1 on. The average was 28 days, with 33 days being the longest.
    Last week, I received this from Donna Dubinsky, in reply to a message about the status of my order:
    "We have not yet shipped orders dated November 10. We still hope to meet our 4-6 week time frame for your order. It probably will be towards the end of this, given where we are now, but I don't have any reason to believe it won't happen."
    It looks to me like things have come to a screeching halt.
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    I ordered my Visor Dx via the web on 11/11 and was also informed that it looks like they are expecting to meet the 6 week end of the timeframe.

    This is also the information they have posted at their website.

    I did get a response back from someone when I sent some feedback via the website. It was in response to the order "status" option being disabled/removed (this feature allowed folks who ordered online to get their order number if they didn't get an email message). The response indicated they were having trouble with that feature too and would bring it back when resolved.

    So it sounds like they have a lot of fires to put out.
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    Arggg! I ordered 11/12 (on the web). Christmas Eve will be 6 weeks to the day.

    If what you all are saying comes true, I can hope to get my Graphite VDX on or before the first day of my 4-day weekend. I could live with that.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me (and all the rest of the Visorless masses)!
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    I have two friends that order around the beginning of November. Their orders came before 4 weeks was up. I ordered on the 14th, and hope to have similar luck.


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    Well I ordered before you and my 4 weeks was up yesterday.
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    I ordered via the web on 11/8 and haven't gotten it and as of last night my CC hadn't been hit.
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    Same thing here ( GVD ordered 11/06 online) and still waiting for.

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    Well if it goes the way it seems to be going, most of you will have it before Christmas. My order from 10/6 should get here before the next Ice Age I hope.
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    I ordered an IVD on 11/6 via the web and as of last Monday, my CC hadn't been charged ... but there is a Santa Claus, isn't there?
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    Doh! I can't remember when I ordered mine!
    I haven't gotten it, but it must have been 11/6, 11/13 or 11/20, damn, I wish I knew which, so I could figure out when it will be here.
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    I'm one of those unlucky bastards who ordered mine, after much delay, on November 13th. Puts me right on Christmas Day - and right after the recieving cut-off point.
    Let's hope they get a litle steam and get just a few (or even just one ) out ahead of schedule.

    - OZ

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    damn, just found out I ordered mine on the 13th as well! sucks, don't it OverZealous? Hopefully, when they said they would ship 11/12 orders by the 24th, they assumed we used standard shipping. Hopefully Express shipping will get it here a day or two early.
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    I think that a very small percentage of visor owners or wanna be owners actually know about this web site let alone send messages. Sooooo there may be a few visor deliveries reported here while there are 100s of actual deliveries

    No company in its right mind (I know some of you will question if HS is in its right mind) would get 2 or 3 items a day from the assembly plant.

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    Granted. I don't think that the people who regularly browse this website are the majority or even random cross-sample of people who have ordered Visors.

    I do believe that the people whose message are contained within this site are probably more active and informed about the availability and status of Hanspring and their respective orders.

    As we all know this has not had much effect on our delivery times, so I think the rate of visor recievals of our sample group is probably in proportion to the rate of recieved visors by the entire waiting-for-visor population. (Even if you factor in people who don't log their visor arrivals)

    I've also noticed that the log is comprised of entries of both short and long delivery times. This leads me to believe that the sample of people are NOT skewed (i.e. NOT mostly only people complaining about long waits or bragging about short waits)


    Yeah tecwritr, but I think it gives us a good idea whats going on

    Think this logic is correct?

    Ordered 11/09/99...
    ...Still waiting

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