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    I've order my GVD on Nov.19th, i got my confirmation(email) right after i ordered! I just want to know, do i need to call them to confirm again to make sure they didn't messed up my address, or didn't get my CC number right..blah blah blah....
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    I ordered on November 10 on the web and received a prompt e-mail confirmation. The web site said that if you ordered and received an e-mail confirmation, you could rest assured that the order was safely in the system.
    I started to become worried when I read the posts from people who didn't get their orders because HS had input the wrong address or CC info in the database. I wanted to know that all my information was accurate.
    After repeated efforts to get some kind of response from HS support, I e-mailed Donna Dubinsky to see if she could help. Here is her reply:
    "If your email confirm is correct for your data, then there is no reason to believe that there is a problem with your data in the system."
    In a related note, she also said this about the shipping of my 11/10 order:
    "We still hope to meet our 4-6 week time frame for your order. It probably will be towards the end of this, given where we are now, but I don't have any reason to believe it won't happen. We have shipped many thousands and thousands of units from web orders without problems."
    I have been tracking the orders placed starting November 1 and the average time from order to shipping has been 28 days, so I was hoping to get mine by now. But it looks like HS may take their full six weeks.

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    I ordered on Nov. 11 (still waiting) and I didn't receive a confirmation email. It worried me until I read others who didn't get an email but still received their order. Handspring has put their order confirmation back in service (I don't know why they took it off for about 2 weeks).
    It has become a ritual with me to check my CC for charges, my order status, and the visor recieved log here. I just can't force myself to call after reading the horror stories. Plus it just turned 4 weeks for me. Might as well save the phone lines for the poor guys that have been waiting 8 weeks+
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    I used to look with excitement to the order confirmation page to see if that shipping status would magically change to "Shipped". Wishful thinking. That status will never report anything except "4 - 6 weeks". I just checked it now to make sure the address info is correct, but that is the extent of its usefulness, unfortunately.
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    KentD said:
    I just checked it now to make sure the address info is correct, but that is the extent of its usefulness, unfortunately.
    I guess I'm dense. How do you check your address info on the order confirmation page? I can't find any button for that.
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    You aren't the only one confused by this. I can't seem to confirm my address in the system either.
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    You won't be able to check your address using the web order confirmation option. That function only gives you the order number, estimated shipping timeframe, date of order, and cost.

    I also ordered my BVDx on 11/11 and received an email confirmation. I haven't called for order status and didn't plan on it until it reached the last possible day.

    However, I did get in touch with Dubinsky (after 1 week of no reply from customer service either by phone or email) due to an issue with my credit card expiration and the company switching from Visa to Master Card.

    As of yesterday, I was informed that my order is not scheduled to ship and because there is a chance it may not arrive before Christmas someone will be in touch with me within the next 3 days (as of yesterday) to carefully change my credit card information.

    It was never said that there is a chance I may not get it before the end of the 6 week deadline, but the idea is no chances were going to be taken if that deadline came and went.
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    I know this may be a bit premature, but has anyone as of yet had any problems with 11/28 orders over the web? I'm having a problem confirming the existence of my order Thanks

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