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    I ordered my Green Visor Deluxe October 6, it has not arrived, i received no confirmation email, and no calls from Customer Service. I have been on the phone for many hours when I call them, mostly on hold waiting to talk to someone.

    Heres my question: Of those who have received the Visors, what dates, and order numbers have been processed?

    I ordered mine via the web 10/6, order # 1706

    I'd think that would have been sent out long ago, but no dice.
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    I ordered my graphite visor dlx on OCT 6 over the internet and it arrived yesterday via fedex. I was totally surprised as I had not received a call or e-mail, just a package. Okay, it was a good surprise. I too had been on the phone many times, mostly on hold. My order num was 1750 so you should be getting yours soon. Doesn't matter where you live. Overnight is overnight. I did call handspring corporate earlier this week, but they never called back so I don't think my delivery is related.
    I have no idea how they're shipping or what happened to us Oct 6 web orders. What a bad experience it has been!

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