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    Has anyone received a modem module yet?
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    From the Handspring Shipping Status web page (updated on 1999-12-10):

    Modem: The Modem Module is in backorder and will begin shipping in Q1 2000.
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    Gawd! I really, really, really hate this company. I should have known better than to expect them to be able to deliver anything they promise. So do they email me telling me that the modem I ordered won't come out until sometime next spring? NO! Do they update their POS database so that I can *see* the items I ordered are on backorder? NO! Does this sound *EXACTLY* like what most of us went through to get our Visors? YES! Now I am totally screwed and going on vacation with no way to check my email or telnet into work for emergencies. I should have just bought a friggen laptop

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