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    It's been mentioned a couple of times, but I shall repeat it, now that I have verification from the order centre. (Spelling intended - it's in Canada. )

    If you have called back to check on your order and have found mistakes, it's quite possible that they have made NO changes to your information. It would seem that their main database does not accept changes well, and therefore is fairly useless.

    Any problems with orders have thus been put into a new database, which more easily allows such changes. Indeed, earlier I told them that a different phone number might be appropriate to contact me if there was a problem, they dutifully copied it down, but alas, the change never showed up when I called another time.

    For early orders... from their explanation it seems this is the situation.

    1) First database --> given to shipping --> order processed --> Visor shipped and delivered.


    2) First database --> given to shipping --> order rejected --> info transferred to new database of "problem orders" --> person contacted --> corrections made.

    But if:

    3) First database --> customer calls to verify info before being contacted --> errors noted and "changed" --> changes do not actually register properly in database. You still have to wait to be transferred into the new database I guess.

    For the Canadians, just note that they actually contacted me, and THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE INFO! Yet, I still made it into their new database. The only thing the guy noted is that usually the country is designated by a two letter code, and in my order somebody had typed "CANADA", and perhaps that was enough to reject the order.

    There is a new toll-free unlisted number for these problem orders. I called and was on hold for all of 3 seconds. However, apparently it's useless to call this number until your info has been transferred into this mysterious new database. And for those who are wondering, this is NOT a number for the warehouse in the US, but still a number for that order centre on Bloor St. in Toronto.

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    For some reason I have the song "Blame Canada" from the South Park movie rolling through my head...

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