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    I didn't think it was ever going to happen but today I received my order from the first day the Handspring on-line webstore went active. It took 60 days exactly to get my order. The sad part was that I only ordered an 8MB Flash Module. I ordered my BVD on the first day (Sept. 14th) they were available and it only took 37 days to get. I find it amazing that my Visor took almost half the time it took to get a springboard module. Doesn't seem quite right, does it?? Hopefully this means other first day web orders are trickling out and I'm not the only one who can stop saying, "When is that order ever going to get here!!!"
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    Well, at least you got something. I know there are a few people who did get their Oct 6 web orders, but the rest of us are still twiddling our thumbs. 9 weeks going on 10...

    Did you get the package via fedex???
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    Both orders came by FedEx.

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