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    Hi everybody!
    Is anybody out there who has also ordered at PalmSource'99 a Visor Special Edition?
    I know they said 4-6 weeks delivery time but now it's exactly 4 weeks and I wonder if there are people who received already their visor.
    I am #28 in the order line...
    Thanks in advance
    PS: Of course I used the mailing address of a friend in the U.S. to get my device!
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    I also ordered the special deal at PalmSource 99 on Oct 19 (my friend ordered it for me while he was down there). It seemed like a great bundled deal at the time but I am starting to wonder if HS even got my orders. After calls to CSR, who had absolutely no idea about my order (I wonder if they even know what PalmSource was). I called the HS Headquarters yesterday. The lady I spoke to first didn't even know they ship to Canada! (She later stated that HS does ship to Canada, after consulting with another colleague). My name, order details etc were taken down by her and she stated that someone who be getting in touch with me in a few days.

    The reason I called HS, not having past the 4-6 deadline, was purely based on my fustration at the lack of response from their email forms on the HS site, CSR's who had no idea about my orders. Furthermore, my friend's credit card has already been billed! All I really want to know is that they have my order in place properly.

    Those of you who also ordered at PalmSource should consider calling HS Headquarters, I suppose. Perhaps it would raise HS's awareness that they did indeed sell a few units down there.

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    Doesn't seem like many people in this forum bought their Visor at PalmSource '99. I am still eagerly awaiting the shipment from Canada as there is 2 days left until the obligatory 6 week period. I am not that hopeful but I am just wondering are there anyone else out there waiting for the Visor Deluxe they bought at PalmSource '99?
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    Finally my visor arrived on December 7th at my friends house in San Francisco. I had a really nice conversation with Donna Dubinsky. She was very supportive!
    Now I have to wait for the package which will shipped to Germany...
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    Finally, my Visor Deluxe Bundle is here! Not only was the Graphite Visor Deluxe in the box, the Flash Module and the Handspring T-Shirt were inside as well!

    All those who ordered at PalmSource 99, your units should be coming soon as mine was shipped Dec 6 and received Dec 8, in Canada too!

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