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    Hey all, :-)

    I've place an order early October and have checked w/ them early November to see if everything is kewl. Everying seemed okay, or so I thought..

    Just got off the phone (you know who) with bad news..

    Apparently they left out my middle initial which prevented them from dinging my credit card.. Pretty typical mistake (as seen from others) but they should have contacted me via e-mail if they saw any trouble..

    But here is the excuse that I got. Apparently they are undertaking a 'huge' process of reentering the customer database (those of who ordered sept/oct and not received yet) to a new system which would help them to sort out any typographical errors and etc... So if everything goes well then we should be able to hear something soon (they said in few days) to verify the info...

    I don't believe this story.. ;-)

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    They have a new database that will help them sort out typographical errors? And how will it do that? If a credit card number is wrong, how will the database know? If a middle initial is missing, how will they know? Wrong address?

    Seems a little too optimistic to me, and I wonder how this company HS contracted with stays in business.

    Someone in that company entered the data incorrectly in the first place, I don't see how a new database system will help them correct that. They should take what information they have and try and reach the customers to correct the issues instead of re-entering into yet another database.
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    pure brilliance!

    sounds almost exactly what they're doing.

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