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    My tale is elsewhere, but to recap:
    Ordered 2 BVDx on 9/21. Called 3 times to verify info (all "ok"). Finally sent email to Donna (got a quick response reply). Called CSR (AGAIN), and actually had someone who could read...ZIP CODE was bad. That was 11/26. Barbara (from HS) called on 11/30 to verify order. They had one, had to be reminded of the second. My wife asked about styli for all the trouble...they said they were out but would "try" to send a case.
    RESULT: The first arrived the next day (Fedex), the second on Wed, the case on Thurs.

    CUSTOMER REVIEW: Service is lousy, but product is great. This is the first PDA I've owned, but I've seen many others. I like the distinctive blue. No screen streaking that can't be corrected with contrast seting adjustments. Buttons have a very nice feel (much better than the Palm units IMHO). I think the backlight is great, works well in the low-light conditions I've experienced. Really the only complaint I have (aside from the delivery problems) is the cheesy stylus.

    THE EXTRA: our extra was a black leather case. Very nice. Velcro inclosure. The Visor is held by a graphite "visor lid" reversed, and sewn into the case. It holds the visor very securely, much better than the velcro attachments I've seen on some Palm cases. The other side has 3 horizontal slit pockets, sewn on top of the single vertical pocket. No stylus loop.

    Last Advice: Get the attention of HS corporate if you go beyond the 4-6 week wait!!
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    I second that motion (send an email to management if you go much past 6 weeks). I did last Monday and had my Visor on Friday. Woo hoo.

    As for extras, it's too funny. They said I could pick any accessory, so I asked for an extra USB HotSync Cradle. They sent me a Serial one. I complained, so they sent me another one ... serial AGAIN! It's like the Keystone Cops!

    Proud owner of a GVD...
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    Emailing doesn't always work either.

    Orderes oct 6. email late nov. got replies, got several. still waiting for visor. :-(
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    Hey, want to get rid of one of those serial cradles?

    I could actually use one...


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