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    Handspring is the worst company. Their CEOs are obviousl incompetent. Perhaps great innovators but perhaps idiots as well. I ordered a Blue Deluxe on 10/15/99 and received on 11/16/99. What I did not get was my serial connection. Three weeks later and still no serial port. They said it would be sent Monday (12/7) Fed Ex. Well, Monday and Tuesday came with no Visor.

    So I called customer service, waited the usual 1 1/2 hours (which is an absoulte insult. If I am worth even $5.00 an hour then I figure Visor owes me $30.00 for phone time). The kid checked and my serial connection has not been sent. "We had more volume than we anticipated...maybe this week"

    That is bull. I will not toerate incompetence. Honestly, the IIIx is comparabe except for the memory. Plus, it doesn't have the stupid case and crappy stylus.

    I thought I would get a Visor to have the option to get a springboard. Well, I bet that they will be very expensive and probably short in supply.

    Why not wait, I figure, until a real company like Palm adds springboards. or when SOny or some other company joins the fray.

    For all of you Visor owners out there, if it is under 30 days, return your visor for a full refund. Stop being a slave to the man. Take control. Send a message. Peace
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    "Stop being a slave to the man." What?

    Given your mathematical, spelling and typing skills, $5 per hour sounds about right.


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    well gee dave, would you like to know that I am a doctor. believe it buddy. and i don't have time to wait for a serial cradle. I was planning on using the visor for medical purposes (patient keeper, epoqrates, etc.) but without the cradle it is no more purposeful than a sharp wizard.

    the people who love the visor are people who never owned a PDA before. That is no surprise. Give them a Palm IIIx or Palm V and I bet they would love that as well.

    Most people will probably never make use of the springboards, and i bet that palm will develop a sprignboard of their own. Then what advantage does Visor have? None. To be honest, if you need a GPS device, buy a map. If you need a modem buy a Palm VII. If you need games, buy a Gameboy. By the time that these technologies are out, the Visor will have competition. If they don't improve customer relations drastically and get some new leadership they will be out of business in a year. Honestly, don't you think that Sony will come out with an awesome product one day?

    My point about "stop being a slave to the man" was that we don' t have to tolerate Handsrping's poor customer service, waiting on hold for an hour or more. We deserve better. And we should send them a message that they need to change now or they'll be out of business in 3 months.
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    I'm begining to understand why there are so many problems in the medical field . . .

    Along with you line on thinking (if you can call it that) if you need anything else the Visor has to offer, get a calendar and a pad of paper.

    Stop whinning.
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    Come on kids there is no need for insults here. If you want to discuss the merits of the visor fine. Do not resort to personal insults. That lacks class.

    Obviously the PDAs have many benefits. my point is that the Visor does not offer much more than the IIIx. If one desires 8 MB of memory than a VDeluxe is the way to go. however, I think that 4 MB is sufficient for most people.

    The advances in date book are good, but not much diferent than Datebook3. the calculator is nice but unnecessary, as is WorldTime. The OS cannot be upgraded.

    Believe me, if I had my serial cradle, I would have kept the Visor, but without it, I have a product that I cannot use as I need to use it.
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    I'm glad I dont live in New Jersey.
    Not to offend anyone that lives there, I happen to love NJ. Im just happy I dont live there to receive medical care.
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    It's a long story, but I have an extra serial cradle if you want to buy it.

    Proud owner of a GVD...
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    thanks natescape. i'll email you. And what is with everybody attacking me personally? A defense mechanism because you know that I am right about the Visor and you all overpaid? I just don't get it.
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    "the people who love the visor are people who never owned a PDA before. That is no surprise. Give them a Palm IIIx or Palm V and I bet they would love that as well."

    I totally disagree with you here and you shouldn't jump to such conclusions.

    I've had to test various PDAs (from a Newton to the Palm) and palm computers and have not been anxious to purchase any of them. I've had to use them and then teach the end user how to use it. So I've had a chance to play with a variety of them.

    I was saving up for a Palm Vx, but really felt it was too expensive. Then the Visor was announced. I liked what I read and since I've waited over 2 years to finally find a PDA I even wanted to purchase, I'll wait a little longer. What made me change my mind? Price, memory, and the Springboards.

    If you didn't have a PDA before and couldn't wait for the serial cradle, than that is your choice to cancel the order and be unhappy with the company and/or product. Actually you did say the Visor was comparable to the Palm III (except for case and stylus) so I guess that is a good thing.

    But don't assume there are those of us out there that do not know any better and are novices to the PDA. We're not as uninformed as you may think. Some of us have done our homework and are willing to wait. I waited until November to place my order figuring the problems HS is experiencing right now would happen.
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    No, I wasn't attacking you. Just a PA Doc teasing a NJ Doc. Thats all, sorry if I offended you I was just teasing. I hear the same thing all the time too.
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    I am sorry to have started the flamefest.

    Comments like "Stop being a slave to the man" and "Take control", coupled with your call for Visor owners to "return your visor for a full refund" seemed a little over the top to me.

    You made a target I just couldn't resist when you combined those rather odd remarks with numerous grammatical, spelling, typographic, and mathematical errors.

    It was wrong for me to attack you personally.

    I apologize.

    BTW, I'm not at all surprised to hear that you are a doctor.

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    apologies accepted. i didnt mean to incite everyone, i was just so frustrated with handspring. many of you know how it is. the visor is a good deal for the money just they should send some tlenol for the headaches.
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    I agree about the headaches, if not Tylenol maybe Fiorinol#3 1 PO q 4hr #252, hehe. This should last us for 6 weeks.
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    Managed care sucks, I work more hours than I should, and I am still waiting for my #$&*ing visor! Its a tough situation for health care professionals! I can appreciate your feelings!

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