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    Show of hands.

    How many of you have started a business without experiencing 'growing pains'?

    I would think before I speak about how terrible the company is, and it's inevitable doom. "Better Business Bureau" this? "My Lawyer" that?.. yadda yadda yadda...
    You'd actually enlist the assistance of a professional or watchdog, all over a PDA device not charged, or received? You're better off begging for a job with shipping, so you might make each other happy. Just think.. you might make off with a five finger discount.

    In the meantime, build Rome and tell me about it tomorrow.

    mr. kia
    P.S: That stuff about some dude who had an order 'with no address', just his name, city, and state? Fedex actually picked up your package without an exact destination?
    On top of that they actually made an effort of tracking you down? C'mon...
    ...Man I'd hate it if I ordered, and my name was John Smith living in New York city.

    To that other dude who got two visors with no credit card (but a mere mention of discover?) Tu plaisantes!

    You two (among others) oughtta rent that movie in which Jim Carrey was a "lawyer". 2 's up!

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    The address thing is because handspring truncates one of the address lines from the web order when they print the address for FedEx. If your street address was in the last line of the form, FedEx doesn't get it.
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