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    I certainly have my anger, still waiting for my damn visor...6 weeks and counting :-(

    But let's dedicate this thread to the list of things that Handspring can do to improve their services.

    Sounds to me, their CEO, Donna is a very nice person, takes care of her customers. But that doesn't give any excuse for their poor services or the contract company's poor services. I hope someone at HS can read the list and realize what they have to improve.
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    Get professional staff for all trouble areas involved.

    HS is just a bunch off geeks which can do R&D (or at least copy well from Palm) but which have no idea how to run a company.

    They never did any case studies how other online retailers do their business.

    But lets look forward and get a Sony!

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    Hold the company they contracted with accountable for their order mistakes.

    Get out of their contract with them and
    hire their own personnel to handle the customer service.

    Suspend order taking until orders are caught up, issues resolved, and stock produced to backfill backorders.

    Provide realistic delivery times. Do not instruct customer service to inform people 1-2 weeks or whatever timeframe unless you know you can meet that goal.

    Do not tell a customer "it will ship tomorrow" unless you know for a fact that it is packaged, stamped, and ready to go.
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    Hip Hop said:
    HS is just a bunch off geeks which can do R&D (or at least copy well from Palm)
    I take it that you are unaware that the Handsping people are the same ones who invented the Palm Pilot?

    It ain't copying if you made it in the first place.

    They left 3Com in order to start their own company.

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