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    I just find it interesting that if you exclude "General Visor", "Ordering / Shipping" has more posts than ALL the other Visor-specific forums COMBINED on Visor Central. Indeed, this forum probably has more posts than any other Visor forum (excluding "General Visor") anywhere in the world.

    Almost FOUR THOUSAND posts!
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    And that makes sense. The other forums are for howto/troubleshooting issues. If the Visor had major problems these forums would be high. As much of the current issues are shipping and general news, these are going to be the big forums.

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    Yeah, yet another illustration of how frustrated everyone's becoming, despite the good product.
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    The more logical reason for this being that we can't "Troubleshoot" without the "Visor". My "How To.." question would be
    "How do I vent my frustrations of not receiving my visor yet?
    "Post on the Ordering/Shipping forum."

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