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    I just found out that my order was returned to Handspring because they left off the second address line. Looks like I'll have to start all over again.

    I feel sick. I really do. I hate this company, and I hope they close shop the day after I receive my Visor.
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    Now, now Baron, you don't really mean that.

    I mean, what would you do if your Visor needs to be repaired or something?

    (Not that I'm feeling particularly charitable to HandSpring's shipping department, perish the thought. I still have not received my Visor ordered on 10/06. Personally I think they should all be dipped in Dog Chow and thrown to a pack of starving chihuahuas...)
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    Baron, I think I see a pattern emerging here. It seems that Handspring only uses the first line of the shipping address field. On my order, they left off my apt. #, but luckily FedEx still managed to deliver. Let this be a warning to everyone, Put your entire street address on the first line.
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    Not only that, but they also omitted the phone number, so the FedEx guy had no one to call for address information.

    And FYI, the Handspring CSR told me that orders returned cannot be re-shipped. They will cancel those orders and force you to place a brand new order.
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    As I recall, they got my second address line correct. I wouldn't have recieved mine either (if they hadn't). Maybe it is a new technical difficulty they are running into. I got my Visor DLX about 2 weeks ago.

    Richard Kettner
    Handspring Weekly Editor
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    I ordered my Visor Nov 12th and received my e-mail confirmation. Last Wednesday, I recieved an e-mail confirmation for a different user making a new order. I wrote both Handspring and the user. I asked Handspring to confirm that my shipping and billing information was correct. I got no response.

    Today I tried to place a web order for a USB sync cable. As a return user I entered my e-mail and password and I got someone elses billing and shipping information.

    I called HS to confirm that my order and billing infromation was correct. The rep that I spoke to was not able to confirm this information. She chould tell me that my
    Visor had not shipped. She said that there was not a problem with the system. I'm not sure I agree.

    All I can do is hold my breath and call back after the 6 weeks is up.
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    My wife ordered me a graphite visor deluxe via online on 11/21. I noticed that the state on the shipping address was AL instead of NC. The billing address was correct, and the zip code was correct on both, she must have missed the drop down menu on the shipping state. After 3 e-mails with no response and my wife getting no help from CC I decided to call this morning.

    The first guy I talked to and his supervisor both told me the same thing....They can not change anything on my order. IF it is shipped and they go by the state it may go to Alabama. If they use the zip code it should come to me. If it goes to Alabama it would be returned back to Handspring by FedEx or UPS (they use both) as undeliverable and my credit card credited. He stated that the only thing I could do was place another order. Anyone know which FedEx and UPS use, state or zip code?

    One good note, he stated that they are catching up with shipping and my order should be processed in another week and a half.

    Follow up:
    After talking to CC and reading Baron's post I placed another order. Maybe I will receive one of the two I now have on order. I hope this thing is worth all the trouble.
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    Beachdive, if you can manage to get the FedEx tracking number before delivery, you may then try calling FedEx to correct the address.

    At any rate, I just re-ordered my Visor. What a mess! I'm still very depressed over this whole thing.
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    Beachdive, I wouldn't worry too much about the wrong state. I got my Visor last week via FedEx, and I'm looking at the shipping box right now. The thing is plastered with barcodes, which I believe is generated by the zip code, and at every stop in the journey the barcode will be scanned and sent to the right truck. So, it's likely that no one will even look at your address until your neighborhood delivery driver(who should know your street)picks it up with his hands....
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    If I get them both that will be fine. I"ll give my wife one or sell it.
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    Now Handspring is having *security* problems??!!

    Did you access a second customer's info online or was it the same person? Hey, the more the merrier when it comes to using other people's CC for Christmas purchases!

    What a nightmare.
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    When I made an order subsequent to my first order, it prompted me to enter my email address and password. When I did it displayed someone else entirely. All of the other customerís information except the credit card was displayed. Apparently they require you to enter the CC info each time you order (which makes sense). The information that was displayed is the same customer for which I received an e-mail confirmation earlier in the week. This may explain the cases where people are not receiving e-mail confirmation of their orders (they are going to someone elseís e-mail)

    I did email Donna D and she was very prompt in her response. It was the first she had heard of the problem. She e-mailed me this morning acknowledging the problem and assuring me that that actual shipping and billing information on my order was correct. I was impressed that the CEO of the corporation was that responsive and I think it points to her dedication to fixing the problems. I truly wish them well. I want them to succeed.
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    If you've ever shipped anything via FedEx or UPS they charge by distance to destination. They base this charge on the originating and destination ZIP code. If the state is wrong, it's very likely that the ZIP code will come through for you. On the last package I sent via FedEx, the rep only really cared about street address and ZIP.

    I hope it works out for you. Meanwhile, with the rumored 2nd address line problem, my shipment may be delayed or returned. It's a small town, however, and most of the shipping co.'s know where most businesses are. Sigh. Four weeks yesterday. I hope it arrives soon.


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