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    Well checked the old CC statement again this morning and FINALLY a charge from Handspring! First good sign since I ordered on the 16th of September. Now here's the problem, if my CC was charged on the 29th then why in the heck did I receive a call last night, the 30th, from some guy at Handspring telling me he had my name and CC# wrong? I explained to him that Susan had called me 2 weeks earlier to go over all this information and he had no idea, I also said I would really appreciate it if he would check to see if one had been shipped before he goes ahead and ships another one.
    Oh I can't WAIT!!!
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    Billed yesterday..ordered 10/13. Was told yesterday and today were big shipping days at HS...
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    Meisty, that's great, i hope you get yours soon!

    Zelig, i ordered on 10/13 too!
    however, i've not been able to check on my CC (they do not have such facilities),
    hope to hear from you when you receive yours!

    still patiently waiting.....
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    Billed on 11/29 received Priority Mail 12/2 and I love it!
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    ...twiddling thumbs...
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    Priority Mail? That's the first time I've seen anyone say that HSpring uses Priority Mail. Anyone?
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    i ordered on 11/1 and my credit card statement shows an authorization on 11/27 i was told that that doesn't mean that it has shipped, it just means that it will ship within the next two weeks...11/27 was a's now 12/7 so if that's right, mine should be shipping before this saturday, but the 6 weeks will be up on monday...getting closer all the time!!

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