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    I finally did it, I sent an e-mail to donna telling her how I felt about the way handspring has treated me... I just hope I used the right e-mail adress....

    Dear Donna,

    Mid/late September I ordered my Visor deluxe by phone.
    I explained to the sales rep. that I live in the Netherlands but would be in the US in October and would appreciate it would be deliver to the US shipping address before I would fly back. The Sales person said that he would make a note so they could keep this in mind.
    So my first impression was very good.

    Then the dark cloud gathered.... A week before I would fly back home I tried to call Handspring a number of times. Every time I got the same result... spending hours on the phone without ever getting to speak to someone.

    So I flew home kinda disappointed...

    Back home i tried calling Handspring again (internationally that is), and I found out by trial and error that I could only get through if I called at noon CET.
    So finally I spoke to a sales person I double checked my data and started waiting patiently again.

    When the new pictures of the color Visors were posted I realized the blue visor I originally ordered did not look the way it was advertised. I called Handspring again and asked them to change the color of my order to Ice. The sales person told me that my order had already be shipped and I could not change the color.
    This made me happy and a bit disappointed at the same time. Happy because my Visor was finally on it's way. Disappointed because I do not like the light color of the blue visor. Anyway I accepted my loss and decided to go for the Blue visor (hoping to get used to the color...)

    After a couple of weeks my visor still had not arrived even though I was told it had shipped. So I called again, this time to ask for the tracking number to check where it was... To my big surprise the sales person now told me my visor had not shipped at all....So I asked him to change my order to an Ice Visor. I was told that somebody would take a look at my order and would sent me an e-mail...

    Then finally the Handspring web-site got updated with shipping news. The news was not good but at least there was some news.
    On the site you stated there were some problems but all orders would be on hold until the early adaptors' orders would be sorted out...
    I thought this was going in the right direction....I kept the faith...

    A couple later no news. So I decided to use your online form to ask for info about my order.
    As of today there has been no communication from Handspring to me about my order (except for some general messages on your 'shipping news page').

    I understand that you got overwhelmed with the demand for your product. But the way you handled my call is unacceptable! I can live with later shipment but I would like to be informed once in a while. It has been over 2 months now and I have not heard any response from handspring.

    In the mean time I read all kinds of stories about people who ordered their visor only weeks ago but have already received it.

    I expect an answer from you or anybody else from your company soon. Also I think it would be fair if you could make an exception to your shipping rule and sent my Visor directly to the Netherlands. In my humble opinion this would be a good way to make up for the lack of service/support/information from your company.
    I am not bitter and hope to work this out as soon as possible. I really like your product and would hate to cancel my order because of this mess.

    p.s. here is the information you may need to look up my order:
    <personal INFO>

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    OK, I either am very desperate or have a ironic sense of humour. anyway I CC my message to ...

    I got a reply from their postmaster:
    Your message

    " To: <e-mail adress Donna deleted because of VC policy>
    Subject: What do I have to do to get (proper) information about my
    Sent: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 06:08:00 -0800

    did not reach the following recipient(s): on Thu, 2 Dec 1999 06:06:31 -0800
    The recipient name is not recognized
    The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a=
    MSEXCH:IMS:ELBONIA:ELBONIA OGBERT 0 (000C05A6) Unknown Recipient

    I guess the people at handspring are Dilbert fans..
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    WoW, I'm impressed by the CEO...

    I got a reply first thing in her morning. Only a couple of hours after I sent it...considering the time difference that's pretty good.

    b.t.w. here is her response:

    I'd like to apologize for the difficulties you have had communicating with
    us. We've struggled with some data corruption problems with our early
    orders. I've copied customer relations to see if they can locate your order,
    and figure out how best to get it to you.

    thanks for your patience ....

    I guess it's a start...
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    I echo your feeling as a international buyer of Visor. I have been placed the web order for 2 months since 10/7.
    I sent 3 emails to check my shipping status with only one reply from sales department by saying "Please chek with our customer service department..."
    i have called 15 times internationally from taiwan with 2 calls were answered. First call said that he need to consult his supervisor as how to rectify the problem on my distmatch of shipping address and my billing address. Of course, as an international buyer, the shipping address is in the USA where my friend will recieve on behalf of me while my credit card billing address is in taiwan. After another few calls, i was luckily put through and promised to rectify my billing address.
    Yesterday, i checked my VISA record, i was happy to hear that i was billed $249 on 11/23. But it supprize me again, as i order 1 VD plus 1 8 MB falsh memory, where is that order gone ? i will hate to ship my product from USA to taiwan twice by spending twice the shipping cost.
    I hate to see that someone sending the complaint to Donna and recieving the reply, what the customer service department is doing ?????
    By the way, I have not recieved my order yet up to date......
    This is the handspring........
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    What CEO did you talk to... Cause I need to
    talk to someone....... HELP!!!!!
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    got the visor.
    see my story in the following thread,

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