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    Received my visor about 3 weeks ago, great product. Around 2 weeks ago I received a second visor I never ordered. I called to notify them of their mistake and to arrange a pickup of the second visor along with getting the unaurthorized charge off my credit card. They said UPS would call me within a couple of days to arrange pickup, that was 2 weeks ago. I've tried calling Handspring to once again try and fix their mistake, tried 3 times, spent almost a total of 2 hours on hold, cut off twice. As an alternative, I send them an email requesting them to fix their mistake and remove the charge from my card, that was 1 week ago with no response. This is absolutely rediculous. How can anyone who can make such a great product be so incompetent in product management, shipping and customer service?
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    I wouldn't count on an email doing the trick to resolve the issue.

    I sent an email to customer [do not] care back in November when there was a chance they were not going to meet their 4-6 week shipping time frame. As of today I still haven't heard from them. I did get in touch with Dubinsky after I gave the customer care email 1 week to reply.

    So if you want to get the charge off your credit card ASAP and get the Visor returned you should call and probably demand to speak to a manager to get the issue resolved. Email will not get it done.
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    Why don't you just sell it on ebay and avoid HS altogether? Looks like the average going price for a VDX is $320 (US). That should cover the hit to your card, shipping, and a little for the aggravation.

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