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    It looks to me like Handspring will eventually get all this mess behind them soon. Things are moving.

    I was wondering if I was a record holder for not receiving my Sept 15 order yet ? The fact that I am in Canada doesn't help. My card just got dinged but has all the september orders been received out there ?
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    I ordered September 16th and still waiting. I talked with Susuan at Handspring last week and she promised me I would have it no later than Tuesday, yesterday, so much for promises.

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    I ordered September 16 and am also still waiting. As an interesting side note, I ordered one for my wife in late October, and then reordered hers on October 27 when Handspring lost that order. Hers arrived yesterday. When I called to ask why mine wasn't here yet, I was told that I would get mine soon, because they had a Fed Ex tracking number. Unfortunately, the Fed Ex tracking number didn't work. I am hopeful for today, but I am not holding my breath.
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    I ordered mid-september too....and no show yet..
    And when the midle-man receives mine it still has to be shipped to the Netherlands...

    I've been promissed heaven and earth...but no Visor yet...

    I sent out an e-mail today (I gave up calling them) and hope to hear something soon...
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    Sept 21, no CC ding, 2 BDx. No idea why, as all information appears to be correct. Sent e-mail to Donna et al, received the usual platitudes. I'm waiting to see if anything shows up. Sounds like Molecularbond has the booby prize so far.
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    Just got it this very second !

    Wow, blue DLX I guess I'll be the only guy in Montreal to have one for a few months...

    Hang in there everyone. The pain is almost over. Do I get some stylus for being so nice and patient. I never screamed.
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    molecularbond - congratulations. You're a light of hope for the rest of us up here. how did it come? Regular mail? What about charges? Us Canadians want to know...

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    My answer posted in the Candian thread. Hang in there rubberdeamon
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    Well I'm not going to be the grand prize winner, I received my Ice Visor Deluxe yesterday 12/2 and I love it!
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    I think I hold the record...
    Ordered: sept. 18th
    Received: yeah right!
    Called by handspring: once
    Calls to hanspring: not enough fingers to count that high!
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    Sorry my hand wins:

    Ordered: Sept 17th.
    Received: (only empty promises to date).
    Calls to HS: 9
    Emails to Cust. Service: 2 (replies: 0)
    Emails to Donna & Jeff: 1 (replies: 1!)
    Charges to Credit Card: 2 (Oct. 20, Nov. 18)
    Credit Card charges reversed: 2
    Promises to call/email back: 3 / 2
    Actual Calls/emails: 1(message) / 0

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