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    I ordered a 2MB Visor by phone on 10/20 and received it on 11/22. Now, I've decided to get a Visor Deluxe. So, this time I ordered on the web on 12/1. The invoice page I printed out has my order number, and a line that says I'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Well, it's been 72 hours and no confirmation email. Should this worry me?
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    I ordered Nov. 7th and never recieved email confirmation. Coming up on 4 weeks, anytime now, if I'm lucky!
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    I ordered on 11/10 and got an e-mail confirmation right away. Even though the HS web site says, "If you placed your order through our online store and received a confirmation email, your order is in our system—there is no need to call for verification." I am still somewhat suspicious. I have been e-mailing Customer Care & Order Status for the past week with no response. All I want is to know that the information is correct (and I would be happy with even one reply that says, "Yes."!
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    I ordered my Visor Deluxe on 11/01. NEVER got an email confirmation. Email their customer service and NEVER heard anything back.

    I don't care how cool your product is. If you don't have ANY customer service, I'm not gonna buy. Listen up, fellow buyers, why do you want to pay to suffer?

    I can't wait any more. I'm going after Palm VII, it's wireless, baby!!! I will email handspring to cancel my order, but I don't think I would receive any confirmation for cancellation either. I think their CEO needs to resign.
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    I ordered my visor on Nov 12th and recieved a prompt confirmation. Last Wednesday I recieved a comfirmation of someone else's order in my e-mail. I called CS, they weren't concerned. I e-mailed Donna and she was. It looks like they have more data problems.

    The worst thing was CS had no way of confirming that the shipping and billing information on my Nov 12th order was still correct.
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    I order a BVD on November 28th and after waiting for a week for a confirmation email that was supposed to arrive after 72 hours, I called customer support. After the hour of wait time I finally confirmed my order. I guess this is really the only way to KNOW that your order went through. Hopefully I'll have mine before spring

    ...still waiting...
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    I ordered my Visor delux on 10/5. Needless to say, I remain Visorless. CS has never been able to give me any accurate information. The time has come to move on. has the Palm IIIx for $199.95. I just ordered it. I got the Palm, an extra serial cradle, and a Targus case for $254.85. Overnight shipping is FREE.
    I'll just have to learn to live with 4 megs of RAM instead of 8. That will be 4 more megs than Handspring has been able to put in my hand.
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    I ordered my VDX on 11/18/99 and I still haven't recieved a confirmation email. This is bad because I didn't write down my number (knowing that they would supposidly send me an email).

    Has anyone had any luck with Handspring Customer service? I called them but their databases aren't tied to the internet one and also it takes forever to get a representative.
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    try going into your Web Browser History file. And looking for the day you ordered. usually the page will be there. but I'm not sure how long Handpring keeps those pages after you've ordered. I did this after I ordered, and it was still there after a couple hours, but who knows.. The Page should be called something like "Handspring Order Confirmation".
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    It is too bad that Handspring disabled the check order function for web ordering. If you couldn't remember your order number if you typed in your email address and I think a password you got your order info.

    As for emailing Handspring will probably never get a response. And from reading some of the replies here, it wouldn't do any good to cancel your order via email either...they'll ship it even if you've called and cancelled. And of course you'll be charged for that item shipped.

    It sounds like HS is still working issues, most of them with the company they hired to do their customer [dis-]service. I have a feeling Handspring is just as frustrated as the customers. They obviously didn't plan their inventory with the potential demand (and they are not the first company to screw this up). They also put too much trust in the company doing their customer service. Handspring should think about firing that organization and doing a massive hiring for their own customer service personnel. Even during a training period these newbies couldn't be any worse than the ones who have been doing it since day one.

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