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    This "son calling is a load of crap. you both sound like a couple of thirteen year old in some kind of pissing match.

    Get down to the topic or sell it on the street.

    no one i proving anything by attacking anyone. it just how what a jerk you can be. An some people have done a fine job at that.

    "Son: indeed.
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    I have to agree with both. I think Handsprinds efforts are better concentrated on getting orders out.
    They are probably running short on manpower and to waste time on a public board would only open them up to attack.
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    Where did this $400K figure come from?
    Is this an assumption that all registered users here (still less than 2000) have purchased a visor? I agree with QL2.
    This is pocket change to a corporation with such success. Bear in mind that I'm not saying that this is small and not important. In fact you can leave this sum with me anytime.

    In another post, there is a statement about 6000 page views per day? I don't have the figures in front of me, but wouldn't you say that some of the registered users are returning, to followup on posts or new info?

    If you're talking about unique page views, that's not too bad; however, you still have to consider a fresh IP distributed to the user that logs off their service and comes back for more.

    To another gentleman who said something about fellow members acting like "13 year olds" and being "jerks"... Might I remind you of a particular thread you started about 'bad service'.
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    PDA Newbie,

    I find it odd that you think HS's actions are less than completely honest, considering that you have gotten TWO Visors that you haven't paid for and not returned them.

    Maybe if you returned them, some other paying customer might actually receive his/her order.
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    Anybody who thinks that HS isn't *monitoring* this board is out of their mind.

    Let's see: we have a creative, innovative company that is selling a leading-edge computer product via the Internet and they aren't going to listen in on what an active group of users has to say about their product? Of course they're here listening, and you can bet they're taking our comments seriously (except for PDANewbie. ) Companies pay good money for focus group input, especially as it pertains to new products. They'd be crazy to ignore this board.

    I agree with statements that they probably don't have time for posting. And I'm glad. I'd hate to see Visor Central get bogged down in flamewars, etc.

    All together now: "Hi Donna!"

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    Ok, everyone, take a deep breath, count to 10, and let it out. There. Much better.

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