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    Yaaaaay. Ordered on 10/7 via the web. Turned out when I changed my credit card, they lost the number somewhere.

    Exasperated, I sent an email to Donna Dubinski on Monday. Got a nice reply from her and was referred to a very friendly angel named Barbara Grossman. Barbara and I had several emails back and forth, and they overnighted it yesterday to me. Got it this afternoon. To compensate me for the delay and errors, they are sending me a second USB HotSync port for home.

    For those still waiting, I sympathize. I also give you this message - the Visor is totally worth the wait. You'll be so glad you held on.
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    Spoke too soon. They sent me an extra serial port instead of a USB port. ARGGGGGGG.
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    Dude, I'd so buy the extra serial cradle from you. I have a linux box and that doesn't support USB hotsyncs.

    -=- SiKnight

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    Nate, I'll trade you a USB for your serial.


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    I appreciate the offer, guys, but if they're gonna ship me a USB Visor Cradle at no cost, I think I'd go that way.

    Melonboy, if you wanted to pay for shipping both ways, I'd probably do it... rather than trying to deal with Handspring.

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