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    I ordered a BVD Sept. 29 and i am still waiting. I am trying to decide, do i wait for the visor (could be weeks or more )or do I buy a Palm V or IIIx and have it on in 3 days.
    Also, as i have been blinded by 8 megs of ram on th Visor, I wounder how much i can really fit in 2 megs of ram? or should I take 4 megs and settle for a poorer screen.

    I know this is a horrable thing to HAVE to think about, but I am in need od a PDA soon.
    Please Help!!!

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    Unless you are on a real tight budget, go ahead and get the IIIx. Then when (if) the Visor ever shows up, you can do a comparison. I'm sure someone in your family, or someone you know, could use a PDA as well. AFter your comparison, assuming you get your HS product, you can give (or sell) the one you don;t want to someone else.

    I have a IIIx (my main PDA), a BVD (my novelty PDA [might give it to my mom]), and my Paperweight BVD (screen died).
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    McBain, I ordered 9/16 and received mine yesterday 12/2. Yes I did have to go through a lot of crap to get it but finally it arrived and I am really happy with it. I would hold out if I were you it shouldn't be much longer. Have you tried to contact Handspring directly?

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    I would wait.. just keep pestering. For $299 the IIIx is definitely not worth it. I got one for 160 a little ways back before value america pulled their offer down, but I never would have for full price.

    My visor is great too and definitely worth the 250 for what you get. The only thing that is better on the IIIx is the stylus it came with, nothing else -- and it lacks 4 megs and a springboard.

    Be patient, but ruthless. Call and write everyday.
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    Hold on, McBain. It's totally worth it. Just got mine today (ordered online on 10/07) and it's wonderful.

    I got the drain unclogged by sending an email directly to Donna Dubinsky on Monday. Got the graphite VD today. It rocks. Gotta go play.
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    Yes, it is definately worth the wait. I have a Palm V as well, and the lack of MB does get annoying after filling it up with some apps, and misc. games.

    Richard Kettner
    Handspring Weekly Editor

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    thank you for the input, but after calling HS again today and getting another canned answer I told them to cancel my order.
    I will however, keep a close eye in the Visor. its a great product and when it is time to upgrade I may try again.

    But for now I ordered a IIIx ($199.95 at
    Thanks handspring for saving me $70.00
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    Don't think you're off the hook yet! Cancelling is the SUREST way to get 2 Visors to arrive at your doorstep and be billed on your CC for 3!
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    Thanks for the tip on the $199.99 Palm IIIx from! I just placed an order now - that's a great deal. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

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