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    Ok, this is for all of us folks who have received a Visor, but not the serial cradle we ordered. I'd like to get an idea of how long it took between the time you got the Visor and then received the serial cradle.

    Date Visor arrived:
    Date Serial Cradle arrived:
    Extra costs:
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    In the 12/1 shipping update, Handspring pushed the serial cradle deadline back a week, to 12/6. Don't expect it to show before 12/8. If it gets to you before then, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    Visor Ordered: 10/6 via Web
    Visor Recieved: 11/19 via FedEX (Requested Standard Shipping)
    Serial Cradle Recieved: 11/29 via FedEX
    Addt'l Cost: $.64
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    I just received my backordered serial cradle, even though I haven't seen the charge show up online yet. Consider me pleasantly surprised.
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    I seem to have the reverse problem from you folks -- I received a serial cradle today, but have not yet received a Visor to put on it! (ordered ODx 10/26)

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    Visor Dlx ordered on 10/28. Visor received on 11/24. Serial cradle received today (12/02).


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    Ordered 1 Visor Dlx 9/16 + a serial cradle
    Received 2 Visors on 11/24, with a note that serial cradles backordered
    Received serial cradles on Tuesday - 11/30.
    Charged 20.64 for one, 00.00 for the other. No surprise since one visor cost me 256 and the other 269. Sold visor and cradle to co-worker.
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    Are the serial cradles in question ordered separately or as part of the "optional serial cradle package" offered on the order page? If they are backordered on serial cradles, are they holding up the shipment of the Visor plus serial cradle until they can send them out together?
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    In my case, I ordered the serial cradle at the same time as I ordered the Visor. I was shipped the Visor on 12/1 w/o the serial cradle. Not charged for the serial cradle, though. I've seen others posting that they've also received Visors w/o cradles, but also that they *are* geting them separately.
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    Receive my serial cradle today (12/3) & Visor on 12/1. Alas, am at work and have to go home to try cradle. Only 6 hours to go...

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