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    About 2 weeks ago I was promised by a Handspring employer assigned to tracking my order (won't mention names since I don't think that's helpful) who promised me I'd receive my Visor Deluxe by today.

    The Fedex guy usually shows by about 5pm Eastern. So, I'll let you know if I get it. But, I am doubtful, since as of Wednesday my CC had not been charged for the order. I'll check again today.

    I'm starting to wish I'd canceled my phone order and re-ordered off the web interface which seems to be getting the Visor to people in a reasonable amount of time now.

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    Its looking more promising. I just discovered my CC was billed 12/1. Maybe I'll still get it today. :-)

    Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I think your in luck because my 2 VDX were shipped FedEX the very next day after it was charged to my CC. That would put you in the 12-02 ship date and a 12-03 delivery. I wish you the best of luck.
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    My CC was billed 11/29 and I received mine on 12/2. It was not shipped Fed Ex but Priority Mail. Get ready it's a coming!

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