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    My wife ordered me a graphite visor deluxe via online on 11/21. I noticed that the state on the shipping address was AL instead of NC. The billing address was correct, and the zip code was correct on both, she must have missed the drop down menu on the shipping state. After 3 e-mails with no response and my wife geting no help from CC I decided to call this morning.

    The first guy I talked to and his supervisor both told me the same thing....They can not change anything on my order. IF it is shipped and they go by the state it may go to Alabama. If they use the zip code it should come to me. If it goes to Alabama it would be returned back to Handspring by FedX or UPS (they use both) as undeliverable and my credit card credited. He stated that the only thing I could do was place another order. Anyone know which FedX and UPS use, state or zip code?

    One good note, he stated that they are catching up with shipping and my order should be processed in another week and a half.

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    If it's any consolation, sometimes it gets shipped correctly. Up here in Canada, just to see what would happen I mailed myself a postcard with my apt. number and postal code only. No name, address, city, or country. It got to me within a week.

    Even better, a student was mailed a letter from China. It had only the name, city, and country, without an address or postal code. It got to him too. (Mind you, it was a small city.) Don't know about FedEx, but at least Canada Post tries very hard.
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    After talking to CC and reading Baron's post I placed another order. Maybe I will receive one of the two I now have on order. I hope this thing is worth all the trouble.

    Baron's Post:

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