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    I know a lot of you are still waiting for your Visors to arrive, but for those of us who did finally get their units, did any of your Springboards have to be backordered?

    My Blue VD came the week of the 18th, after an 8 week wait with the backup Springboard but no 8MB flash.

    Anyone still waiting for em?

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    I received my VDX late October, but the 8Mb
    flash was backordered, and still is.

    I since then ordered the USB cable via the
    web, and that came last week.

    I have not yet ventured a call to customer
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    On 9/14 I ordered an Ice Deluxe, extra serial cradle and backup springboard module. I received the Visor on 11/16, the serial cradle on 11/29 and the backup module on 12/2.

    For the last two shipments, I received a very detailed packing slip summarizing the entire order with all of the correct shipped, backordered, and received information. They are getting their act together.

    BTW - the backup module is very nice. Plug-n-play really works.

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