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    Gleaned from the visor received logs and various threads ... stopped when I realized that I need a life!!

    Sorted by (date ordered)/(date rec'd)/(username)

    Blank under rec'd means not yet or not logged.
    username ordered rec'd notes
    kalahari 14-Sep 18-Oct
    kaneda 14-Sep 18-Oct
    Bane 14-Sep 20-Oct
    dc 14-Sep 20-Oct
    DKantola 14-Sep 20-Oct
    Jackc 14-Sep 20-Oct
    john 14-Sep 20-Oct
    rlcsurf 14-Sep 20-Oct
    RSGMOOSE 14-Sep 20-Oct
    CBruns 14-Sep 21-Oct
    DLC 14-Sep 21-Oct
    tyler 14-Sep 21-Oct
    wildermike 14-Sep 21-Oct
    foo fighter 14-Sep 22-Oct
    fredsf 14-Sep 22-Oct
    gene 14-Sep 22-Oct
    mg 14-Sep 22-Oct
    Netwere 14-Sep 22-Oct
    Pax 14-Sep 22-Oct
    BizEchilD 14-Sep 25-Oct
    BRY 14-Sep 25-Oct
    Craig Wadsworth 14-Sep 25-Oct
    emeyer 14-Sep 25-Oct
    handsprung 14-Sep 25-Oct
    knolen 14-Sep 25-Oct
    pda md 14-Sep 25-Oct
    shotchkiss 14-Sep 25-Oct
    doubleyou 14-Sep 26-Oct despite cancelling
    Hot Carl 14-Sep 26-Oct
    Mitch 14-Sep 26-Oct
    Ruiner 14-Sep 26-Oct
    SUPERvisor 14-Sep 26-Oct
    mausalot 14-Sep 27-Oct
    alaskapost 14-Sep 1-Nov
    ChrisB 14-Sep 1-Nov
    ragamuffin 14-Sep 1-Nov
    dennya 14-Sep 2-Nov
    skelser 14-Sep 2-Nov
    Elbow 14-Sep 8-Nov
    Mike 14-Sep 8-Nov
    KGrate 14-Sep 11-Nov
    ladewig 14-Sep 11-Nov
    wetware 14-Sep 12-Nov
    rbphelan 14-Sep 17-Nov
    Beda 14-Sep 18-Nov
    chuckf 14-Sep 18-Nov
    ascender 14-Sep
    bhammons 14-Sep
    blue 14-Sep
    cheesehead 14-Sep
    dharvey 14-Sep
    dstrauss 14-Sep cancelled
    Garfield 14-Sep cancelled
    JAndrews 14-Sep
    JB 14-Sep
    jerry 14-Sep cancelled
    jimmyg 14-Sep
    Jon932 14-Sep cancelled
    MicroMan 14-Sep cancelled
    osjedi 14-Sep cancelled
    Robelard 14-Sep
    Sequitor 14-Sep
    starbellie 14-Sep
    VancouverCanuck 14-Sep
    Ed 15-Sep 19-Oct
    Grossd 15-Sep 20-Oct
    Kether 15-Sep 20-Oct
    apolloni 15-Sep 21-Oct
    Mother 15-Sep 21-Oct
    cujojv 15-Sep 22-Oct
    jkirvin 15-Sep 22-Oct
    Mildew 15-Sep 22-Oct
    rsperko 15-Sep 22-Oct
    Tomvisor 15-Sep 22-Oct
    CerealKiller 15-Sep 25-Oct
    Android 15-Sep 26-Oct
    flugrrl 15-Sep 26-Oct
    JohnA 15-Sep 26-Oct
    Rob 15-Sep 5-Nov
    Pat Cooper 15-Sep 15-Nov
    Kemp 15-Sep 17-Nov despite cancel
    akn 15-Sep
    ATrain 15-Sep
    babyface 15-Sep
    babyface 15-Sep
    flacks 15-Sep
    molecularbond 15-Sep
    mrsungo 15-Sep
    stzul 15-Sep
    JT 16-Sep 18-Oct
    DktrBone 16-Sep 19-Oct
    Russtang 16-Sep 19-Oct
    visorgirl 16-Sep 19-Oct
    everyman 16-Sep 20-Oct
    sdavida 16-Sep 20-Oct
    v2 16-Sep 20-Oct
    Duchamp 16-Sep 21-Oct
    jking 16-Sep 22-Oct
    JP 16-Sep 22-Oct
    Rocketeer 16-Sep 22-Oct
    Zippy2 16-Sep 22-Oct
    Wizard22 16-Sep 25-Oct
    Binkley 16-Sep 26-Oct
    PDS 16-Sep 26-Oct
    LispMaster 16-Sep 27-Oct
    Handy 16-Sep 1-Nov
    odevans 16-Sep 5-Nov
    pilotdoc 16-Sep 12-Nov
    Explorer1 16-Sep 16-Nov
    buckyball 16-Sep
    CHIA 16-Sep
    DrPhreak 16-Sep
    flguy 16-Sep
    Handspring 16-Sep
    luv2fish 16-Sep
    matt 16-Sep
    MelonBoy 16-Sep cancelled
    MITCooter 16-Sep
    scottm 16-Sep
    BigDaddy 17-Sep 22-Oct
    kheldar 17-Sep 22-Oct rec'd entered as 9/22
    chashine 17-Sep 3-Nov
    jaytee 17-Sep 3-Nov
    bareasso 17-Sep 12-Nov
    staad 17-Sep 12-Nov
    wrf 17-Sep 18-Nov
    DBall 17-Sep
    GadgetGal 17-Sep
    irewolf 17-Sep
    Rubberdemon 17-Sep
    AgVisor 18-Sep 25-Oct
    Scrappy Jappy 18-Sep 28-Oct
    SEnd Boston 18-Sep 11-Nov
    demiller9 18-Sep 18-Nov
    DigitalCajun 18-Sep
    Gaijin 18-Sep
    geoffh 18-Sep
    joe 18-Sep
    Meisty 18-Sep
    sv 19-Sep 8-Nov
    perlow 19-Sep 15-Nov
    dsmith 20-Sep 21-Oct
    superfreak 20-Sep 26-Oct
    cdavisaction 20-Sep 29-Oct
    Deji 20-Sep 9-Nov ord between 9/16-22
    Dude 20-Sep 11-Nov
    AngryInch 20-Sep 15-Nov
    Mark Peters 20-Sep 17-Nov
    darrencraig 20-Sep
    Dogbert 2099
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    Wow! Hey, if we ever start up a student government around here, you've got my vote for secretary.

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    Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder?!
    p.s. What's worse is that I tried to make this look more table-like, but forgot that HTML will take out all consecutive spaces and (at least on my browser) doesn't display tabs!

    Then I tried underscores, foiled by proportional fonts!

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    That's amazing... I can't believe the time you invested into that. Does that surpass my total of 8.5 hours on hold for CSR?

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    this is cool
    i ordered 2 v.dlx on 13 Oct (1 graphite, 1 blue), still no sign of them....
    how abt adding the colours ordered when you are free? heheh....

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    The truly sad part is, Huski isn't working for Handspring... wish he/she were... hehehe

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    One note, my order date was 9/16, not the 18th. and yes, I did cancel. All I can say about this list is WOW! Why aren't you working for HS trying to organize their efforts? Maybe then I wouldn't have had to cancel.


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    It didn't take _that_ long...the info was in threads I was looking at anyway.

    As inferred, I don't work for HS, and I know what I would have been doing instead if my Vdx was here!

    And I admit that the possibility of HS lurking around and copying the list did not escape my notice.
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    Add me too . Ordered on 10/29.

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    Add me too. Oct 6th ordered on the web. Blue VDX. Not received. Negative1

    Power corrupts, absolute power is really kinda neat.
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    This is a test
    kalahari		14-Sep		18-Oct
    kaneda			14-Sep		18-Oct
    bane			14-Sep		20-Oct
    dc				14-Sep		20-Oct
    dkantola		14-Sep		20-Oct
    Hmm...the code UBB tags seem to help, but the table still looks ragged. Anybody know how to make these line up?

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    Another to_be_received addition:

    Ordered Blue on 10/7 via web
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    You may as well add me to the list next time it is updated:
    jandrews -- Ice Dlx -- ordered 9/14 (am) -- not received as of 11/9.
  16. ggg
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    I'm another one, Web ordered, 10/6 Blue Deluxe
    Not received, but credit card not charged either.
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    Me, me... please add me the next time you update.
    Ordered 2 Deluxe - blue & green
    No sign of them yet. Last thing they said was 2 weeks max (funny.. I think they told me that before.. hummmm. But look at me, I'm still waiting! What does that say about me??
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    One Blue Visor Deluxe w/Serial Cradle
    One "Custom" Case
    Ordered via web 10/6 low 1100's
    No sign of intelligent life.

    Just an observation, but it does not appear that ANY web orders have been fulfilled with one exception. And that guy had to complain.

    I am glad I waited for the techno way to order so I could avoid this frustration. <Note the Sarcasm in my voice>
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    As long as we're trying to make the list complete...

    You got my 9/22 order, but not my 10/29 order. I also have a co-worker (Aaron) who ordered on 9/22.

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    Add me to the list as well. Ordered 9/16 Ice Deluxe still have not received.
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