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    Recieved my Visor & Serial Cradle 11/30! It's a really neat little thing, isn't it?
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    Yay I received mine 12/01/99
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    My wife ordered me a Graphite Visor Deluxe for Christmas on-line November 21. After all of the post here she told me about so I wouldn't be disapointed when it's not under the tree

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    Here is my information:

    Ordered: 11-Nov
    Via: Web/Online
    What: Blue Visor Deluxe w/serial cradle
    Where: Chelmsford, MA
    Received: Not Yet
    Notes: Was told by Dubinsky to contact her if I didn't have Visor by 11-Dec due to an issue with a change in my credit card at the end of December. She would have someone carefully go through a credit card change for my order to [hopefully] avoid delays.
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