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    Patient one,

    When I post here, I get

    *HTML is OFF
    *UBB Code is ON

    If you know how to embed a table in UBB, please tell me!!!! If I try it in HTML, e.g.


    I just see HTML code - what do you see? Also, I could even do better if anyone can tell me a UBB Code to force a nonproportional font!

    p.s. Added you to the list
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    I finally got it.
    ICE VD
    Ordered 14 Sep. by phone
    Houston, TX

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    Date: Oct 29 - 52xx
    Ordered: Orange Deluxe plus Serial Cradle, 2 USB, and 5 stylus pack
    Ordered Via: Webpage
    Email Confirmation Received: Oct 29
    Payment: Visa
    Destination: Michigan
    Shipping Mode: Express

    Rick Bailey

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    OK, the list should be pretty much fixed, with the exceptions noted, and caught up to here.
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    Ordered: 11/13
    Method: Web
    Product: Visor Deluxe (ICE), Belt Clip
    Changed: 11/16 Dropped Belt Clip, added Stylo Pack (After reading through the BB, and learning about ThePouch)

    I've got a long wait ahead...

    - OZ
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    Here's my info:

    Orded 10/6 Web.
    Indianapolis, IN.
    Received: Nope.
    Attepted to cancel via web 3 times, no success.
    refuse to wait on hold
    a 4th grader could run a better business.
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    Huski, your efforts are much appreciated.
    I"m on your list, but you can put me down as having cancelled on 11/10.
    Ordered on Web 10/6 a VD blue
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    Ordered today November 16 at 7:24 A.M. One thing I like is how they let you double check your entry a lot. Some places have you enter your name + address, then they go to another screen for cc number and poof your order went off to canada. Not to dis canada. First country that came to mind.
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    Hey Huski...great job. Here's another to add.

    Date ordered: 10/13
    Method: Phone
    Products: Blue VDx with serial cradle
    Location: Bethlehem, PA
    Card: Mastercard
    Shipping: Standard
    Received?: Nope

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    ordered 9/18
    dated in CSR system 10/6
    Graphite DLX
    Requested express shipping
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    Hate to say it, but the info on me is wrong. Alas, I have not received my Visor. Still waiting in KC . . .
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    Huski - thanks for keeping track!

    When: 10/6
    How: Online
    What: Green Visor Deluxe
    Order #: 10xx
    Where: New York, NY
    Received: no

    I'm glad I'm not the only one frustrated by this craziness!
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    Huski - thanks for keeping track!

    When: 10/6
    How: Online
    What: Green Visor Deluxe
    Order #: 10xx
    Where: New York, NY
    Received: no

    I'm glad I'm not the only one frustrated by this craziness!
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    You may as well add me to the list.

    When: 9/27
    How: Phone
    What: Graph.VD, serial cradle, backup mod.
    Order #: 6183
    Where: West Chester, OH
    Recieved: no

    Starting to get REALLY impatient.
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    Daily update....
    Added entries in this thread and in sept orders not received. MITCooter...sorry; I don't know what happened but I've corrected your entry.

    If I was doing this for a living, I would NEVER be using Excel to keep track. It's too easy to fat-finger from one record to another.
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    Just a thought, but I wonder if the VC staff would entertain the idea of setting up a page on this site to allow you to post updates? This would get around the html and UBB issues encountered to date.

    If you have a personal web site, you could post the updated list there and just provide a link in the Discussion group. Even if you don't, it would only take a couple of minutes to get some free space on Yahoo! to do this.

    I thank you again for tracking this, and I can't wait to see the latest version...

    Geoff H.

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    Don't worry about the brief error in recording me as having my Visor. I certainly wish I did. If the Handspring shipping folks had half your devotion, I would have a Visor by now.
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    Add me too please.

    Ordered: 11/6/99
    Type: Dlx
    Color: Graphite
    Via: Phone
    Where: Fresno, CA
    Received: By xmas I hope

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    Here's my order info:

    Date ordered: 10/6
    Method: Web
    Product: Green VDx (order in 1800s)
    Location: Gainesville, FL
    Card: Visa
    Shipping: Express
    Received?: Oh, please! You must be joking!

    Thanks for keeping this list. If it weren't for reading this stuff, I would have cancelled weeks ago.
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    Huski . . . Are you sorry you started this?

    Here's my info:
    <LI> Ordered: 10/7/99
    <LI> Type: Visor Deluxe
    <LI> Color: Blue
    <LI> Method: Website
    <LI> Shipping: Express
    <LI> City: Tampa FL
    <LI> Received: Not Yet

    Thursday (11/18) is the eight week anniversary. We'll see . . .

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