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    I hope this comment isn't out of place here. Since I registered yesterday, I have received a fedex number for my Green (I hope) VDX via email. Haven't got the box yet, will let you know when that happens too.
    If you are an early orderer and you haven't heard anything, I think you should definitely email Donna or other Handspring person. I am sure mine would not have been shipped this quickly (if you know what I mean <grin> ) if I hadn't made direct contact.
    Donna has been very responsive to me, and it seems many others, with personal responses to sort the mess. I really believe they are trying extra hard to sort it and are getting on top of it now. Good luck.

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    Huski, you rock.
    Here's my info:

    When: 10/6
    How: Online
    What: Graphite Visor
    Where: Bryn Mawr, PA
    Received: nope
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    Great work! It looks as though ordering by the web doesn't do any good. Note the gap of the web orders Oct6 -7 . Orders received before and after. Oh well. Hurry up and wait, I guess.

    Power corrupts, absolute power is really kinda neat.
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    OK, mine arrived lunchtime. Now all I have to do is pry it off my friend in VA, whose address I used and get it sent down here to Australia. Then I'm in business.
    Thanks to huski for setting this monitor up. I hope everyone else gets theirs soon.
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    Add me to the list for:

    Ordered 29 Sep
    Not yet received as of 12 Nov
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    You can put me down for ordering a graphite VDX on 10/22 and not receiving one yet. I live in Atlanta, GA.
  7. JAK
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    Here's my order info:

    Date ordered: 10/6
    Method: Web
    Products: Ice VDx (order in high 1000s), Black case (order in high 1500s)
    Location: Buffalo NY
    Card: Mastercard
    Shipping: Express
    Received?: Nope

    Credit card was dinged on 11/8 however...
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    date ordered: 9/24
    product: ice visor deluxe
    date received: 11/11
    location: fort worth, texas
    via: fedex
    paid: mastercard

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    Add me too!

    Mr. Wizard
    Ordered 10/15
    Blue Visor Deluxe
    Not received
    CC not charged (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK)
    Verified all info on 11/5
    HS has two more weeks to go before I kick *** and take names
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    A New Order
    Date: Nov 12
    Ordered: Graphite Deluxe plus Serial Cradle
    Ordered Via: Webpage
    Email Confirmation Received: Nov 12
    Payment: MasterCard
    Destination: Michigan
    Shipping Mode: Express
    Arrived: I'll let you know
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    You only need to add that I received mine 11/11/99

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    Great job with the list. Unfortunately another to add:

    Ordered (by phone) 9/17 Visor Dlx Grph + serial cradle, Fairfax, VA
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    Here's another one for the pile:

    Ice Visor Deluxe w/ serial cradle
    Express Shipping to Valparaiso, IN
    ordered 10/7/99 via web
    order number: 277?

    not yet recieved.

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    Ordered: 8Oct99
    Via: Web
    Product: Blue VDx
    Connect: USB
    Order Confirmed?: Yes
    Order Received?: No
    Disappointed?: Yes

    Thanks for all your hard work, HUSKI

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    Include me...

    Order Date: 10/26
    Order Recvd: Not Yet
    Delivery: Overnight
    Destination: Arlington, TX (DFW)
    Contents: 2 VDx (Blue, Black)
    Serial Cradle, Backup Module

    I'm figuring on after Thanksgiving but my 6 week anniversary is Dec 7th. I've heard alot in these groups...some funny, some tragic but I'm still looking forward to getting my VDx. I've never used one before so I'm not jumping out of my pants to get it, but I did bid for a couple of cases for them from one of the auction sites. I'll probably get the cases before the VDx.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting,
    Tick tick tick tick tick tick....


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  16. Vic
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    Glad there are others who are enjoying the process.
    Ordered 10/21/99
    Have not recieved
    blue changed to Ice on 11/8/99

    I'll bet anyone that it comes by 11/28/99
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    Ordered 10/1
    Recieved 11/15
    Blue DLX
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    Ordered 10/1
    Recieved 11/15
    Blue DLX
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    I've caught up up to here as soon as I entered sarrett's happy news.
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    Huski - phenomenal job - many of hope you don't get a life until after we do!!

    I wasn't included - ordered via phone on 10/6 but the CSR db has me down for 10/14 ... told it may be a TurkeyDay surprise so I'm not holding my breath too long ... Destination for my VDX (Graphite) is the Wash. D.C. area.

    Suggestion for the formatting issue - how about embedding a table in the cell?? It's been a while since I manually did the code but it could/should address your problem. I did not see this as as response - sorry if it's a dup.
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