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    not wanting to feel left out..
    Ordered 10/6 (web) for a blue VDx... not recieved yet.
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    Not to be left out:

    Ordered 09/14 around 11:30am CDT; never received; Susan Yost at Handspring sent me an "official" notification that the order was cancelled yesterday (11/9) after 6 different telephone/email attempts to cancel since November 2.
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    Me too.
    Ordered ICE VD 9/14, 9:00 am CST. Nothing.
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    ordered 9/14 still no sign
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    Great job. I would even like to see VC come up with a section devoted to allowing users to register this information as a part of their account, and keep it updated. Being able to view data like this really does give a clear picture of what is going on with shipping.

    For the record, you got my first order right; I ordered a regular Graphite Visor on 10/6 (#105?) via the web. I also placed a second order (Graphite Vdx) on 10/25 by phone.

    Thanks again for the new perspective!
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    I got knocked off. Negative1 ordered on the web 10/6. Blue Visor Deluxe
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    Count me in!
    Ordered Graphite DLX 10/5
    Received 10/28
    (Serial Cradle still not received, if anyone cares)
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    I'm in...

    Ordered a blue VD on 10/7 via the web site
    Changed it to graphite on 10/25

    Haven't gotten a thing. But you know what?Tomorrow is only 5 weeks. They said 4-6. If I don't have it by the end of next week, I'll be pissed. Until then, I'm trying my darnedest to stay patient and calm.

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    I'm in too:
    Ordered 10/1
    Visor DX - blue
    Not yet recieved
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    Im in, too. I ordered a BVdx on 9-17. No sign of it, and my CC has not yet been charged. Many phone calls and e-mails have not helped as of yet.
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    Count me up there, and I am in love.

    Order placed: September 22nd
    Order received: November 9th
    Shipping method used: Express
    Location: Chicagoland, IL
    Color: Graphite (Visor Deluxe)

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    You can add me as well..
    Ordered Ice via web on 6 Oct.
    Unit not yet received, credit card not yet charged.
  13. REZ
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    Ordered 10/06 - Visor Deluxe ICE
    CC charged Last Night (11/9)
    Things are looking UP!!

    Ride Safe My Friends!
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    Handspring ought to pay you big bucks to run I/S, Customer Service and logistics.
    If any of you folks with Donna's personal E-mail address can capture this thread, you should send it along. Just tell them you escalated their research.

    Good work.

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    October 18th.
    Blue Visor Deluxe, serial cradle

    Mark Neumann

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    OK, mine is here!

    Ordered: Sep 22/23 (not sure) via Phone
    Handspring Order No: 991008-5846
    (I'm not sure if they counted me as Sep!)
    Arrived: Nov 10 (7 weeks!) via FedEx
    Where: San Antonio, TX
    and charged Sales Tax!
    What: Blue Visor Deluxe
    Credit Card: Not charged yet
    (from the 'VI' on my bill, it looks like they will charge my VISA Debit card, even though I called on 10/26 to check status and changed color to Graphite, card to MasterCard -- guess that didn't take hold!)

    I did not receive any letter of apology or any 'free' stylus pack for waiting 7 weeks.
    but I guess you can mark me as received above.
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    Huski, please add my order to your excellent heap.

    Ordered: 5 Oct via Phone
    Arrived: Not yet
    Where: Echo Park (Los Angeles)
    What: Blue Visor Deluxe w/ extra Serial Cradle
    Credit Card: Not charged yet
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    OK, I'm working on my daily update and I've added everything up to here. Based on the last time I edited the list, someone may post while I'm fixing the old message...this post is kind of a placeholder in the'll get added next time!

    It's kind of gratifying to add received dates to some of the original entries...unfortunately, I think I'm adding more unfilled Sept orders than filled ones.

    As for how great this would be for HS to look at...unfortunately, when I first made the list, I was not careful with case-sensitivity in the usernames, so I'm not sure if they could find people on the list through VC or not! So I guess I shouldn't be running their database after all!
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    Thank you Husky for keeping track of all these orders. I have more confidence in your record keeping abilities than in Handsprings right now. Gee, I hope they're watching. With any luck, I'll probably be the last person of the Sept. 14 orders to get a visor, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Keep up the good work. Maybe Handspring could send you a gift when this is all over?
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    OK, here's mine:
    Ordered 10/5
    Blue VDx

    checked with customer service 3 times, address, phone number, credit card, mother's maiden name, birthweight, eye color, shoe size, number of hair folicles on scalp, all recorded correctly and in their entirety by CS. Nothing to fix, verything's right.

    still waiting. duh.
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