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    On 11/6 I ordered a Regular visor with an USB cradle. I am not saying that I am dissapointed by not recieving yet because I couldnt dream of recieving it. But i am just looking for someone with similar stats so we could update eachother on progress on recieving our visor. Thank you much.
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    Well, I ordered on the same day (a Green VDX) and I have yet to hear a peep out of Handspring. 6 weeks is a coming....

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    OKAY, has you credit card been charged yet? Did you order online or through the online store?
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    Ordered graphite visor deluxe with backup module and extra 5-pack of styluses on 11/4/99.
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    Well you guys. When anything happens keep me updated. Becuase I havent heard anything yet.Not that I would expect to or anything. Just keep me updated ok
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    Anything from handspring yet you guys?
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    D ev R ay 4Real, Sunnie (Visor Received Log) mentionned : Ordered 11/2 , received 11/29.
    It sounds good to me (ordered 11/6 online VDX Graphite, nothing received yet ) ! It's coming !!!!
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    No action here yet. This Thursday is the beginning of my 4-6 week period. I really didn't expect it before this 2 week window.
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    Ordered Vdx Graphite online from Webpage on 11/08. Have quietly read every post from every topic since then. Resisted the urge to jump in until something happened--which I was content to wait the 4-6 weeks stated. BUT, just checked my VISA CC online and the card was "dinged" yesterday for $280.
    I ordered the Deluxe and the Tiger Woods Module--which is ($249 + $29.95) $278.95. The shipping was supposed to be $13. Is it possible they aren't going to charge me for the shipping?

    Remaining calm in Colorado.....could be a false alarm and that my wife was just doing some Xmas shopping
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    Just CC shows a merch auth for $314. I guess that they are going ahead and sending me the BU module and stylus pack that I cancelled. That's OK, Just as long as I get my Graphite VDx!!

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    Ordered Graphite Dlx + serial cradle on 11/6 from central Calif. via phone. I checked my CC today - no charge yet but its only been 3+ weeks - I will be patient (so far).

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    Just checked. My CC is still merch auth not an actual charge yet. Good news is that my tortillas from La Tortilla Factory appear to be on their way. (low carb tortillas...3 gr per tortilla)
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    OKAY, you guys. There was just a post saying he got his in 18 days. AH! Not fair he ordered after us. Oh well wish I could have But that is ok.
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    No charge yet on my cc, still a merch auth. But I noticed in the visor received log that there are plenty of other 11/1-11/4 visors being received.

    Looks like the blues are shipping faster than graphites.
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    I ordered two units for my crew, then after two weeks ordered one for myself. I used a company card for the first order, and my personal debit card for MY order. Guess what? The costs I "applied" to my company came straight out of my personal checking. And, since I placed the order via web, the live customer service have NO ACCESS to the internet orders to see what went wrong, let alone fix it. No return calls either.
    Not good at all!

    Wayne R.

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